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  • ITMO Students and Staff Take Part in Startup Festival *ship

    In the beginning of August 2019, students and staff of ITMO University took part in *ship, a major startup event in South-East Finland, as part of the Finland-Russia cross-border cooperation program’s project Startup Connect. This year’s event brought together 50 teams from more than 20 countries. Keep reading to find out what participants from ITMO University have to say about their experience sharing expertise with colleagues from abroad.


  • InnoCamp: How Russian and Finnish Students Reinvent Old Spaces

    This April, students from Russia and Finland joined each other at the first-ever session of the InnoCamp project. Tasked with developing business strategies for real companies, the students had to turn a Helsinki airfield into a hub for small aircraft, a disused railcar factory into a creative space, a former Kotka port into a business hub, and more. On May 12-17, the participants met in Kotka (Finland) to finish what they started during the remote stage of the project. ITMO.NEWS learned about the projects and the kind of experience that InnoCamp offers students.


  • Twin Campus: New Joint Project by ITMO and XAMK

    ITMO University and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) have received approval for their Twin campus joint project. The initiative’s key result will be creating a Russian-Finnish platform for modernization and internationalization of small and medium entrepreneurship that will simultaneously operate in St. Petersburg, at ITMO’s new Highpark, and in Kotka, on the base of the new XAMK campus. The project gives Russian technological companies an opportunity to enter international markets, as well as to promote technologies developed at ITMO University.