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  • ITMO Robotics Team Converts Hoverboard Into Life-Sized Robot

    The robot’s algorithm controls the self-balancing scooter’s motherboard, the human-size robot impresses with its dimensions, weight, and technical solutions. The team has already won the St. Petersburg Open Robotics Competitions, and their next goal is the national stage of the RoboCup.


  • Get to Know ITMO Technopark’s XLab

    At the end of last year, ITMO Technopark welcomed a new space called XLab – a coworking, an advanced laboratory for developing prototypes, and a venue for various thematic events: lectures, hackathons, and championships.


  • ITMO Resident LLS Company Develops Lab for Working with Laser and Optical Equipment

    At the laboratory, company’s staff and ITMO students can do research, testing, and assemble components and equipment. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the company’s founder and CEO Nikita Burov and the head of its engineering team Egor Serduk about its capabilities, results, and plans for the future.


  • ITMO University Launches Laboratory of Quantum Processes and Measurements

    ITMO University has recently launched a new unit that specializes in studying quantum processes. According to the founders of the new laboratory, they are planning to introduce breakthrough theoretical developments of fundamental physics into experimental science. ITMO.NEWS contacted Anton Kozubov, the head of the new laboratory’s theoretical department, in order to learn more about the tasks that the scientists have set for themselves, as well as why their completion can expand the horizons of modern physics.


  • A Tour Around ITMO University's “Functional Materials and Devices of Optoelectronics” Lab

    Today we’re taking you inside ITMO University’s  “Functional Materials and Devices of Optoelectronics” Lab to learn about its equipment and projects. 


  • Living Science: Inside ITMO’s Infochemistry Center

    ITMO University’s Infochemistry Center grew from an eponymous research group led by professor Ekaterina Skorb, formerly a group leader at the Max Planck Institute and Harvard researcher working under one of today’s most cited chemistry experts. Among the Center’s priority areas are interdisciplinary research at the intersection of mathematics and chemistry, experimental chemistry, and the introduction of hi-tech approaches into the industry. But its staff collaborates not only with mathematicians, biologists and IT specialists, but also artists. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Ekaterina Skorb about the Center’s tasks and projects.


  • THz Success: ITMO Master’s Student Presents His Research in Paris

    ITMO University student Egor Litvinov believes that 2019 may well be his lucky year: he’s won a presidential scholarship to pursue studies abroad, became a laureate of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society scholarship and attended international conferences in Paris and Yokohama, where he also got the opportunity to present his research. ITMO.NEWS met with Egor to find all about his work and successes. 


  • Student Orientation and Meetings with Scientists: ITMO Introduction Days

    On September 2-3, ITMO University hosted Introduction Days, an orientation event for first-year Bachelor’s and Master’s students familiarizing them with the education process at the university and the opportunities it offers. The students took part in interactive sessions focused on introducing them to each other and teambuilding, attended lectures by leading ITMO scientists and learned about how to go on a semester exchange abroad. 


  • ChemBio Cluster Master’s Students on Their International Internship Experience

    Each year, ITMO University students discover the world as part of academic exchanges and research internships at a wide range of international universities. This year, several Master’s students of ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster worked on projects in state-of-the-art laboratories at universities in Belgium, Germany, and Israel. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the students to find out more about their projects and lessons they learned from being part of international research groups.


  • Bright New Dawn of Light-Guided Photonics: How the Next Generation of Fiber-Optic Device is Made

    Light-guided photonics is one of the most rapidly developing disciplines of modern physics. Cutting-edge research in this field fosters the creation of new measuring systems for practically any physical value out there; one example is gyroscopes, which are integral for the effective operation of navigation systems. These next-gen optical fiber devices are the focus of ITMO University’s Laboratory of Alignment and Assembly of Light-Guided Photonic Devices, which is part of the Research Institute of Light-Guided Photonics headed by Prof. Igor Meshkovsky. ITMO.NEWS met with the Laboratory’s Head Stanislav Aksarin to learn about its creation and its current work.