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  • Staff Spotlight: Hadi Hijazi, Lebanon/France

    Despite the closed borders, Hadi Hijazi continues his work at ITMO as a research associate at the Faculty of Laser Photonics and Optoelectronics. In this interview, he talked to us about his experience in Russia and revealed his vision on the role of science in the modern world.  


  • ITMO and Partners Present New Projects at 2nd Lasers&Photonics Congress

    From June 4-8, St. Petersburg hosted the second international Lasers&Photonics congress, which brought together 1,500 scientists, researchers and members of the industry in the fields of photonics, laser physics and quantum communications. One of the main events at the congress was an exhibition where companies from Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Japan presented their products; ITMO University, too, showcased devices developed in cooperation with industrial partners. Holographic nanocomposite materials, Li-Fi devices, infrared sensors for high-speed fiber optic communications – these and other inventions are market-ready.


  • Lasers&Photonics Congress: Quantum Dots and Topological Insulators

    The 18th Lasers&Photonics Congress has just kicked off in St. Petersburg; it includes several conferences, schools for young scientists and students, and an exhibition on laser and optoelectronic technologies. The main topics of the congress are: research into quantum dots and their practical application in lasers, a new concept of lasers based on topological insulators, as well as the possibilities offered by the European X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL), experiments on which began last autumn. These topics were discussed during the plenary presentations by the event’s main speakers. The congress is organized by ITMO University together with its partners.