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  • Do Valentine's Day Like a Single Russian

    Pink hearts flooding everything this week? There’s no rule that says you have to be attached to enjoy Valentine’s Day – or any day, for that matter. Celebrate you! You don’t have to shave, brush your teeth, wonder if you’ve gained a few pounds or whether your date will like your outfit. Zero stress, all the love. 


  • Getting to Know Russian Literature: Soviet Sci-Fi, Part 2

    To be honest, I’m not exactly a fan of the Soviet mid-20th century sci-fi; to me, it seems somewhat lacking in style in comparison to its predecessors, and it was the later works that really made a name for the genre. Then again, it certainly is quite unconventional, and is interesting from many a standpoint other than the literary one.


  • Getting to Know Russian Literature: Soviet Sci-Fi, Part 1

    In our previous article about Russian literature, we’ve only slightly touched upon the subject that I find the most interesting: Soviet science fiction. As a fan of science fiction in general, I’ve always thought that, despite its name, the science aspect of the genre is often used as merely a background for exploring various contemporary psychological and social issues, and allows the writers to create the perfect setting in which to share their perception of human nature and our common future. 


  • Getting to Know Russian Literature, Part 2: the 20th Century

    20th century Russian literature is definitely a topic that’s hard to approach; it’s too vast, too complex, and too controversial for one meager article. Then again, we’re not doing some research that would’ve been interesting to a wannabe critic (which I hope you aren’t); rather than that, our intention is to give you a quick overview of the different strands of Russian 20th century prose so you can pick something to your liking. So, let’s take a look at what it’s about!


  • Getting to Know Russian Literature: Part 1

    Remember the Lord of War movie? I really liked the joke about suicide novelists being a Russian export on par with caviar and vodka, and only slightly losing to the ever popular Kalashnikovs. Suicide part aside, we are very proud of our literature, and you don’t get  to really experience Russia unless you’ve read some. Still, there’s one thing that can discourage you from trying, and it’s the “notorious wordiness” of Russian authors – in fact, many school students get terrified by the mere prospect of having to read War and Peace as the book itself is something that you can kill with. For that reason, we’ve decided to come up with a quick overview – and give you some advice on the shorter titles to start with.


  • Bookstores of St. Petersburg

    In this age of e-readers and audiobooks, many of us are still drawn to paper and ink. And if you're a book-loving guest to St. Petersburg, you may have found it somewhat challenging to find books in other langauges here - without resorting to ordering from overseas or paying outrageous prices to resellers, that is. In that case, you'll find useful this guide to some of St. Petersburg's more refined and stylish bookstores. 


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