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  • Tauras-Fenix Company Becomes Corporate Partner of ITMO’s Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Master’s Program

    The program’s students will get an opportunity to take internships at the company with prospects of future employment. The company, on its side, hopes for not just new personnel but also expert opinions of ITMO staff regarding the development of completely automated packaging machinery and other similar equipment.


  • What’s Behind the Renewed Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Program

    The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence program (previously called Robotics) is aimed at training specialists working at the intersection of two fields. Read this article to learn why robotics is so important for AI and vice versa, and what sociologists and programmers are to do in this program.


  • Robotex-2016: Robots Race, Swim and Do Sumo!

    The world's biggest contest in robotics — Robotech-2016 — has just ended in Tallinn. Autonomous robots battled each other in sumo, water races, motor runs and other different challenges. The contest brought together more than 2600 developers from universities and companies, including the members of ITMO's MT.lab, who shared their impressions of the contest in an interview to our portal.