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  • ITMO to Host Second Mega School – Winners Get into Master’s Programs Without Exams

    Mega School provides a great opportunity for Bachelor’s students and graduates of any Russian university to get into ITMO’s Master’s programs without entrance exams. Applications for the school opened today, so it’s high time we told you how to join the event and what other benefits it can bring you. Read on to find out.


  • Second Season of ITMO’s Mega Contest Lets Its 200 Winners Get Into ITMO Without Exams

    The second season of ITMO’s Mega Contest came to a close. This year’s competition, which offers students from all across Russia an opportunity to enter the university’s Master’s programs without entrance exams, welcomed 1,979 participants from 64 Russian regions, with 213 of them winning prizes. The winners and runners-up are listed on the websites of individual competition tracks.


  • Get Into a Master’s Program Without Exams: First Mega School Launched at ITMO

    ITMO’s Mega School initiative is four days packed with lectures. Here, the participants will get to meet researchers and get to know ITMO’s key fields. At the end of the school, its best students will get a chance to enroll at ITMO without entrance exams.