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The first Mega Contest has been held since 2021. It is open to third- and fourth-year Bachelor’s students and graduates of Russian universities. The project allows its winners to enroll in ITMO’s 76 Master’s programs with no entrance exams. They also receive relocation packages, which means that they will be supported during their move to St. Petersburg and have their dorm fees covered throughout the entire period of studies.

The first season of the Mega Contest had only 1,348 participants, with 30 of them applying for Master’s programs at ITMO after the competition. This season, the number of the contestants increased by more than 600, reaching a total of 1,979 students and graduates of universities from 64 Russian regions, with 533 of them taking part in the final round.

The number of tracks also increased from 16 to 27.

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Key Facts About the Second Season of ITMO’s Mega Contest

Meet the winners

This year, 213 participants were declared winners of the Mega Contest. They include students and graduates from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Novosibirsk, and other Russian cities. The track Software Engineering and Computer Technologies proved to be the most popular, with 102 contestants competing in the finals and 36 being awarded prizes.

The participant lists are available (in Russian) on the pages of each track, while diplomas and certificates can be accessed online thanks to the Mega Contest’s Telegram bot.

While fourth-year students and graduates with a Bachelor’s degree who became winners can apply for a Master’s program this year, third-year students need to wait until the next one.

Attending Mega School

This year, the participants also had the opportunity to attend Mega School, a separate online course with lectures from ITMO scientists and the contest’s partners. The school offered another chance to enroll into Master’s programs with no exams.

All of the school’s participants had to either pass a test or defend a project, depending on their track. In the end, 205 people were declared winners and will also be able to apply for a Master's program that corresponds with their respective tracks without any exams.

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For additional information on the next season of the Mega Contest, follow its official website