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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #31

    Is ITMO Russia’s ultimate IT destination? In today’s digest, we take a look at some of our university’s cutting-edge research, technological advancements, and opportunities for students. We’ll also learn about ways to make AI a safe medical tool. Read on to find out more.


  • Principal Rising Star: ITMO’s School for Aspiring Principal Investigators

    ITMO opens applications to the second PI School for rising stars – it is set to start on May 18. Same as last year, experts from the fields of education, research, and business will share their insights with participating Master’s and PhD students and postdocs. Among the topics are building a career in science, conducting breakthrough research, and collaborating with industrial partners. Read on to learn more about the school.


  • Second Season of ITMO’s Mega Contest Lets Its 200 Winners Get Into ITMO Without Exams

    The second season of ITMO’s Mega Contest came to a close. This year’s competition, which offers students from all across Russia an opportunity to enter the university’s Master’s programs without entrance exams, welcomed 1,979 participants from 64 Russian regions, with 213 of them winning prizes. The winners and runners-up are listed on the websites of individual competition tracks.


  • ITMO Goes to India: Building the Future Together

    The formula to our success is partnerships and collaborations. We are where we are today thanks to the immense support from our partners like Parul University. Our bond with the Indian university has been very strong for years. Every year, many of its students visit ITMO along with their professors to participate in summer schools and internships. This December, ITMO staff members Ekaterina Rassolenko and Yulia Shik visited India to attend Parul University’s International Week. What were the main highlights of this event? What new opportunities can students expect? Let’s learn it all from Ekaterina and Yulia.


  • A Step by Step Guide on How to Participate in a Conference

    In today’s world, having good grades is not enough. You need all the extra edge you can get. Attending conferences is a great way to boost your resume and be in the know of all the latest trends in your field as well as network with peers, thought leaders, and your potential future employers. Here’s my guide on how to choose the right event, cover your expenses, and make the most out of the experience.


  • Working in Russia: A Guide For International Students

    One of the biggest questions that international students have is: can I work while I study? Whether it is working at a library or a cafe, many would love a part-time job to gain some extra money. And they can do it! In Russia, international students can work on a student visa – and sometimes you don’t even need a work permit! Find out more in this article.


  • Any Crisis Is an Opportunity: Russian Entrepreneurs on Business Prospects for Students

    While international players leave the Russian market, domestic entrepreneurs restructure their businesses and look for ways to grow. What are companies that targeted the international market doing now? Which businesses have the best prospects in Russia? And where can students find support for their projects? These questions were answered at a second meetup in a series organized by ITMO University and the Digital Dolina business community. Among the participants were Ilya Chekh, the founder of prosthetics developer Motorika; Sergey Safonov, a co-founder and CPO of the educational project MEL Science; and Alex Biryukov, CEO of digital marketing platform Andata.


  • Do Crises Equal New Opportunities? Tech Entrepreneurs on Developing IT and Business in Russia

    Over the past month Russian companies had to face unprecedented changes. How do they adapt to this new reality? Where can they find opportunities? And what skills will be in-demand on the market? ITMO University and Digital Dolina educational community launched a series of meetups for researchers and entrepreneurs who decided to stay in Russia to develop science and business.  Tech entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors shared their expertise at the first meetup of the series on March 31. 


  • ITMO University’s Faculty Support Office: Consultations, Workshops, and Internships

    ITMO’s Faculty Support Office has opened its doors for the academic staff on Lomonosova and Chaykovskogo streets, as well as Kronverksky prospect. The office provides information, conducts workshops, and offers professional development courses and internships.


  • Sberbank and ITMO University Open Second Round of Applications for Research Projects in Robotics

    The application is open for first year students of ITMO’s Master’s program in Robotics. Those accepted will join the teams working in the fields of control systems and machine learning, computer vision, engineering and human-machine interface development. Read on to learn more.