Out of 164 universities across 42 regions of Russia, ITMO bagged the third position in the latest RAEX national ranking by subject in the categories Information Technology and Engineering & Robotics. The former has been one of the most competitive subjects, with the least gap in scores between the first university and the last in the top 20. Now that makes us proud!

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In the latest rankings compiled by the analytics center Expert, ITMO has earned a spot among the top five best Russian universities, leading the charts in Engineering Sciences, Materials Science, and Artificial Intelligence for the third time in a row.

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AR glass on your car’s windshield? Such things aren’t limited to movies anymore. Researchers at ITMO have created an improved optical combiner that would allow them to incorporate AR technology into industrial solutions and even airplanes. This project has also been backed up by the Priority 2030 national program.

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Credit: National Cancer Institute via Unsplash

Credit: National Cancer Institute via Unsplash

Let’s face it: we’re all wary of ChatGPT! And when AI is on the verge of replacing doctors (or is it?), the head of ITMO’s new laboratory Digital Public Health Technologies walks us through her team’s work on automation technologies in medicine and discusses the possible future of AI in medical science (which is not as bad as you think!).

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Expert Opinion

Does getting good marks and earning a college degree guarantee success? How important is a degree in today’s job market? Russia’s best and brightest professionals answered some of these questions at the recently held ITMO Open Education conference in St. Petersburg. 

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