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  • The Future of MRI: ITMO Researchers Develop New Ways to Acquire and Analyze MR Images

    Last year, ITMO’s International Laboratory of Applied Radioengineering was successfully selected for a Megagrant for research into the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Their goal is to make this method more efficient, convenient, and safe. This project entails the development of new devices as well as methods of producing and analyzing MR images that will help clinicians make their diagnoses swiftly and accurately. David Bendahan, a leading French scientist and one of the heads of the project, told us about the milestones achieved in the past year and the challenges of communicating with clinicians. 


  • Nanolasers, MRI, and Cultural Heritage: ITMO University Wins Three Megagrants

    For the first time in its history, ITMO University has received approval on three megagrant applications at once. Soon, laboratories for optoelectronics, MRI, and cultural heritage studies will launch in St. Petersburg.


  • ITMO Staff Visit University of Toronto as Part of Megagrant Research Project

    The ongoing pandemic has made the academic community to put a lid on all forms of direct scientific contact such as conferences, internships, and exchanges. Two researchers from ITMO University got lucky: they were able to do an internship at the University of Toronto (Canada) mere weeks before the country closed its borders. We got in touch with them to find out what impressed them most about their Canadian colleagues’ practices, how they had to outrun the travel lockdown, and how their research continues at home.


  • New Laboratory to Appear at ITMO University as Part of a Russian Government Megagrant

    ITMO University’s international SCAMT (Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies) Laboratory has received a megagrant from the Russian government. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the staff to find out what kinds of new specialists will be needed at the laboratory, what developments within the framework of the megagrant are in the pipeline, and how this work will help to pave the way for a technological revolution in entire industrial fields. 


  • ITMO Professor Ekaterina Skorb And President Vladimir Putin Discuss the Future of Chemical Science in Russia

    On May 17, during his visit to Sochi, President Vladimir Putin met with several young scientists and megagrant recipients. During a prior meeting in 2016, he listened to their suggestions on the improvement of the country’s system for rewarding scientists and commending research work in Russia. Since then, a number of contests and grants for supporting young scientists’ research has been launched. Ekaterina Skorb, a professor at ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster and an ITMO Fellow, took part in the recent meeting in Sochi


  • Physicists Create Crystal Lattice from Polaritons

    An international research team has produced an analog of a solid-body crystal lattice from hybrid photon-electron quasiparticles - polaritons. In the resulting polariton lattice, certain particles’ energy does not depend on their speed. At the same time, the lattice’s geometry, particle concentration and polarization properties can still be modified. This opens up new perspectives for study of quantum effects and the use of optical computing. Results of the study were published in Physical Review Letters.