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  • Fish Out of Water: Navigating the Challenges of Studying Abroad

    Are you feeling out of place in your new country as you pursue your academic career? Grappling with unfamiliar customs, dealing with language barriers, and finding your place in a new environment can be a challenge for international students. In this article, we took the initiative to look for probable solutions.


  • ITMO Psychologists Say: Four Mental Health Practices and How to Use Them

    This exam season, we want to give you a booster against stress and procrastination. Is that possible? We’ve reached out to Elena Sharapanovskaia, the head of ITMO’s Medical, Psychological and Social Assistance Center, to ask her about four popular exercises for your mental health and the best ways to use them. Choose the ones that suit you best – and let them be your armor come your first exam. 


  • Kotlin Creator Andrey Breslav on His Psychotherapy Finder Service

    Andrey Breslav, an ITMO graduate, the creator of the Kotlin programming language, and co-founder of the Alter service that helps find a mental health professional that suits you, gave an open lecture as part of the Mental Health Month. He spoke of his personal path to psychotherapy, his work on Alter, the promotion of psychology, and struggling against social stigmas. 


  • Biologist Dmitry Zhukov on Stress, Depression, and Displacement Activities

    As part of the Mental Health Month, ITMO University arranged a lecture on stress and ways to deal with it, given by Dmitry Zhukov, a biologist, professor at the Pavlov Institute of Physiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, writer, laureate of the Enlightener Prize, and author of the best-selling book Стой, кто ведет? Биология поведения человека и других зверей (Stop, Who’s Leading? Biology of Human and Animal Behavior). He discussed the biological meaning of stress in humans and animals, ways of dealing with it, and how to minimize the harm it causes. ITMO.NEWS has prepared a summary of the lecture.


  • Elena Rybnikova on Why You Shouldn’t Fight Stress

    Everyone from school students to CEOs complains about stress. Stress is considered to be one of the key factors that reduce life expectancy. Does this mean that stress is our enemy? Elena Rybnikova, DSc and deputy head of scientific affairs at Pavlov Institute of Physiology RAS, gave a lecture about fighting (or helping?) stress as part of the Open Lectorium of New Holland Island and the Mental Health Month.


  • Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health

    Almost everyone faces mental health problems at a certain point in life. However, it’s not always clear how to deal with them: do you visit a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a psychotherapist? What is the difference? As part of mental health month, ITMO.NEWS together with Evgenii Raskin, head of the Department of Youth Policy, and Elena Sharapanovskaya, head of the Medical, Psychological and Social Assistance Center, have answered common questions about mental health and psychological support.


  • Mental Health Month: How to Receive Psychological Support at ITMO

    As part of the mental health month, ITMO.NEWS asked Evgenii Raskin, head of the Department of Youth Policy, and Elena Sharapanovskaya, head of the Medical, Psychological and Social Assistance Center, to explain how students and employees of ITMO University can receive psychological support.