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  • Assistants Real and Virtual: 12 Services for ITMO Students and Staff

    There’s seemingly an AI tool for everything these days: transcribing audio recordings, summarizing entire textbook chapters, and even generating educational videos. For this article, we collaborated with ITMO.Expert (ITMO’s professional development program for educators) on a list of handy tools for teaching or studying. And as a bonus: we have also included the ways you can find help at ITMO from alumni, colleagues, or industry members.


  • Who Are Mentors and How To Become One at ITMO

    With 2023 declared the Year of Teacher and Mentor in Russia, ITMO University is launching a new initiative for all those wishing to share their knowledge and experience with others and help newcomers adapt to their workplace. Let’s find out more about the project from ITMO’s recruitment and staff adaptation specialists.


  • Ask a Graduate: ITMO’s Mentorship Program and How It Works

    Is there a way to complete an internship at a major firm – or even launch your own startup – all while getting your degree? How do you build your career? And which job interview life hacks are essential? At ITMO, students receive answers to these and other questions from mentors – successful graduates who hold high-profile positions at major companies in Russia and abroad. We spoke to Lyudmila Tsoy, a manager at the Creative and Corporate Projects Planning Center, about the mentor consultations available to ITMO students.


  • How Optional Courses Can Instill a Love Of Science

    Starting this year, students at ITMO have the chance to try their hand at teaching by developing their own optional courses. One of the contest’s participants is Maria Akhmetova, a second-year Master’s student at ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster, who has authored an advanced course in biochemistry with a focus on physical chemistry and research methods. ITMO.NEWS talked to Maria to learn more about challenges she had to face along the way and ways to engage students in the classroom.


  • ITMO.Mentors: How Students Benefit from Teaching Practice

    ITMO.EduStars offers the university’s lecturers and researchers to showcase their work and receive recognition for their achievements. The competition welcomes not only experienced teachers, but also ordinary students who participate in the ITMO.Mentors program. As part of the program, Master’s and PhD students take a teaching course following which they can assist lecturers with organizing and holding their classes. Three students were named as the top mentors while two others received special recognition from the expert jury.


  • Practices in Management: An Optional Course by ITMO Student

    Not only lecturers, but also students at ITMO can create and teach their own optional courses. This April, first winners of the contest for original courses and participants of the ITMO.Mentors initiative launched their own courses at the university. Maria Tsyplyaeva, a first-year Master’s student at the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, is one of the new lecturers with her course Practices in Management, where she will talk about building systems for daily management tasks based on her three years of experience as a project manager. What is it like to make your own course from the ground up? And why should students attend lectures by their peers? Read on to find out. 


  • New Possibilities for ITMO Alumni: Communication, University Loyalty Program and Mentorship

    You don’t have to cut all ties with your alma mater after graduation. There are so many ways to stay involved. Read on to learn what kind of opportunities there are for ITMO University graduates – and how you can use them. 


  • Meet the First Graduates of ITMO's Mentorship Program

    The student mentorship program was launched for the first time on the occasion of ITMO University’s 120th anniversary. University graduates with established careers or their own companies who are ready to share their experience acted as mentors. Around 23 mentor-mentee matches participated in the project, with some mentors working with several students. Learn more about the program, its role in creating the ITMO.Family community and the personal experiences of participants below.


  • ITMO Student and Sirius & Rosneft Joint Program Moderator Yulia Shutova: Don’t Say Something Is Impossible, Just That It’s Needed to Be Done

    ITMO University first-year Master’s student Yulia Shutova was invited by the Sirius research and education center to become one of the moderators of its program for school students, implemented by the center in collaboration with the Rosneft company. As part of the program, school students take part in the development of IT concepts for the tasks faced by the company, one of the leaders of the oil market. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Yulia to find out what lessons she got from working with children, how VR technologies could be of use in oil production and how her Master’s project helped in solving one of the tasks set by Rosneft.


  • ITMO University Graduate Alexandra Bystrova: You Can Always Find Your Identity in a New Field, City or University

    Alexandra Bystrova graduated from ITMO first with a Bachelor’s degree in “Informatics and Computer Hardware and Software” and then a Master’s degree in “Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Economics”. She now lives in Moscow. Over the last couple of years, she went from a student just out of university to a product manager position in MTS, one of the largest Russian telecommunication companies. ITMO.NEWS asked Alexandra how she became part of the MTS team, what was the reason for her relocation to Moscow, what forms of sexism a young woman should expect to encounter in IT and why you should never give up after yet another failure.