1. Working with texts
  2. Transcribing audio
  3. Making presentations or videos
  4. Learning more about ITMO
  5. Getting help from someone more experienced

Working with texts

Notion AI

Notion AI is one of the most powerful tools for text editing. In a split second, it can summarize a textbook chapter, identify its key points, and use them to make a presentation or graph on the topic, as well as generate a test to check your knowledge. 

If you upload a research paper, the tool can easily produce an adapted version of the text (or vice versa – you can choose the complexity of the final text yourself). Notion AI can also explain all the specialized terms in simple words and translate anything from English into Russian or any of the other available languages. 

What’s more, you can even ask questions on the topic or ask Notion AI to brainstorm ideas for a task you have to solve.


ChatPDF, true to its title, works with PDF files – textbooks, articles, books, or any other documents. The tool analyzes the entire text and then uses it as a database for your queries. You can communicate with it just like with ChatGPT: for instance, ask it about the contents of a particular chapter or task it with summarizing the material into bullet points.


This popular tool can also become your digital assistant, as it can instantaneously find information about anything – thanks to the massive amount of information in its database (in GPT-’s case – a digital imprint of the internet as of 2021). For example, it can be used to find research articles or handy materials, make content plans, generate headings, and more.

Credit: Golden Sikorka /

Credit: Golden Sikorka /

Transcribing audio

Whisper JAX

Based on the popular speech recognition model Whisper, this is the most powerful audio transcribing service to date. Just paste a link to a YouTube video or upload a video/audio file – and get its full transcription.

Making presentations or videos

Smartest Learning

This tool analyzes texts and uses them to create illustrated presentations, quizzes, and tests.


And using this service, you can generate educational videos from texts. Simply upload a script and the algorithm will turn it into audio and video using prerecorded material by human voiceover artists. You can pick the language of the video, as well as the voice and the avatar of the presenter.

Credit: Golden Sikorka /

Credit: Golden Sikorka /

Learning more about ITMO

Адаптер Яндекс Алиса

ITMO students have developed a special skill for Alice, Yandex’s voice assistant. Tim, the mascot of the university’s KronBars sports club, will tell you all about the university and student life, including how to find ITMO campuses, how to use coworking spaces, and what other handy services are available to the university’s students. 

You can test this service in Yandex Browser with Alice via this link (in Russian).

Credit: Golden Sikorka /

Credit: Golden Sikorka /

Getting help from someone more experienced

At ITMO, staff and students can seek help from mentors, adapters, and advisers. International students can also turn to their Buddies for help and support with any issues they might face.

Assistance for students:

Mentors connect students and lecturers. They assist lecturers in preparing materials for classes, consult students on any questions about their homework, and see to any technical or organizational issues.

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Adapters are older students (Bachelor’s and Master’s) who help freshmen get familiar with the academic environment and organizational processes at ITMO, as well as settle into their student life and find extracurricular activities they will be passionate about.

Advisers are older students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD) who consult freshmen on academics, assist them with study plans and elective courses, as well as help them choose their supervisors and thesis topics. 

You can learn more about this initiative here (in Russian). 

Mentors from the industry are invited experts who can share their knowledge about the specifics of a particular trade, supplement it with real-life cases, provide career guidance, or assess a student’s professional skills. At ITMO, any student can join a mentorship program to seek guidance from experienced alumni.

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Credit: Golden Sikorka /

Credit: Golden Sikorka /

Assistance for staff:

Mentors for new staff are ITMO University employees who help newcomers adapt to the workplace by introducing them to all the opportunities available to members of ITMO.Family: public spaces on campuses, the digital ecosystem, work-life balance options, professional training courses, collaboration with the university’s partners, and more. 

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You can access workshops on effective use of ChatGPT and other tools for mentors at the YouTube channel of ITMO.Experts (in Russian). These classes were held as part of the online intensive course Mentorship as Leadership.