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  • Assistants Real and Virtual: 12 Services for ITMO Students and Staff

    There’s seemingly an AI tool for everything these days: transcribing audio recordings, summarizing entire textbook chapters, and even generating educational videos. For this article, we collaborated with ITMO.Expert (ITMO’s professional development program for educators) on a list of handy tools for teaching or studying. And as a bonus: we have also included the ways you can find help at ITMO from alumni, colleagues, or industry members.


  • How To Get Back to the Grind After Vacation: Advice From a Psychologist

    If you find it hard to adjust after a vacation, rest easy – you’re not alone. As it turns out, over 50% of Russians report feeling depressed after their vacation comes to an end. In this article, Elena Karpova, a PhD in psychology and lecturer at ITMO’s Institute of International Development and Partnership, explains how to bounce back from post-holiday blues.


  • ITMO.Expert: Special Professional Development Program for Educators

    ITMO.Expert launched in 2018 as an innovative professional development program for the university’s lecturers. In essence, it’s an open platform, where educators can exchange their experiences, share the best practices, discuss topical issues, and support each other. Read on to learn more about the project and its prospects.


  • ITMO.Expert Project: Student- and Teacher-Centered Learning and New Opportunities

    On September 8, ITMO University hosted an official closing ceremony of the ITMO.Expert online course on technologies for personalized learning. During the ceremony, the final results were summed up and over 60 participants, including ITMO staff, mentors, and students, received their professional development certificates.


  • ITMO.EXPERT Project Wrap Up: Portrait of a Modern Educator

    June 24 marked the conclusion of another year of the ITMO.Expert educational project for professional development and exchange of ideas and practices between ITMO University lecturers.


  • ITMO Staff Develop Cloud Platform for Virtual Labs

    The platform will allow students to perform their lab projects online and professors – to create hybrid laboratories based on real and virtual equipment, as well as automate the process of issuing and checking of students’ assignments.


  • Blended Learning: Best of Online and Offline

    ITMO University has recently hosted an online intensive course for university staff on the subject of blended learning and digital competencies. Below you’ll find our notes and highlights from the tips shared by speakers Aleksandr Maiatin, Aleksandra Shparberg, and Joseph Taylor.


  • 100+ ITMO Teaching Staff Receive Professional Development Certificates as ITMO.EXPERT Course Wraps Up

    Over the course of a week, participants of the intensive course attended lectures given by top experts, learned about useful online teaching tools, shared life hacks and techniques with others, and tested them “in the wild.”


  • Not a New Format, but a New Form of Communication: ITMO Teaching Staff on Distance Learning

    During a recent discussion organized by ITMO’s Department of Academic Affairs, members of teaching staff discussed how the university and its departments handled the spring semester’s distance learning format and highlighted its drawbacks and advantages.


  • Nearpod: Creating Interactive Classes for Students

    Learn about technologies for active online lectures: more on how to use the Nearpod platform and get an unlimited plan in this article by ITMO.NEWS.