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  • ITMO’s New Academic Degree System: What You Need to Know

    Last year, ITMO University received the right to to award candidate and doctoral degrees. The 2018-2019 academic year will mark the start of these changes. The new system will make it easier for graduates to work with international colleagues on joint research, double degree educational programs, and more.


  • Technopark Resident's Projects Get Government Support At Sochi Youth Expo

    The 19th International Youth and Student Festival has come to a close in Sochi. At the event, young engineers and inventors have presented more than 125 innovative projects at the occupational guidance exhibition Youth Expo “New Technologies and Innovations”, organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Among these cutting-edge projects, three were created with help from ITMO University: the NanoTutor scanning probe microscope, the MicProbe scanning probe module  and new nano-ink for jet-printing luminescent holograms and document protection. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has expressed its intent to support the best projects presented at the expo; among them are ITMO’s products.


  • Edcrunch 2017: Prospects of Online Education in Russia

    ITMO University is developing a common web-platform for online-courses that will not only provide information on the courses one needs,  but also allow the users to keep a personal portfolio. The portal is created as part of the “Modern Digital Educational Environment in Russia” project of the Ministry of Education and Science. Students will have the opportunity to get credits for online education, as well as form individual educational tracks. The prospects of the new project were discussed at the Edcrunch international conference on new educational technologies that took place in Moscow on September 26-27.


  • A Taste for Science: Why the State Is Eager To Finance Universities' Fundamental Research?

    According to representatives of St. Petersburg's leading universities, the Ministry of Education and Science has started to issue governmental orders with regard to the university's interests in fundamental research. This is by no way accidental, as each real result implies years of theoretical work. As of now, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and ITMO University have acquired governmental support for 32 promising projects. ITMO University got funding as part of governmental orders on R&D in the field of photonics, chemistry and cyberphysics — 101 million rubles total. What is more, eight of the university's projects were financed as the base part of the governmental order, which means that the university can distribute them independently.