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  • Andrei Gomez: Learn English to Get the Most Out of Life

    Andrei Gomez De Oliveira Giovanni is a Master’s degree student in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at ITMO University. He is currently doing an internship at Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (Brazil) where, under the supervision of Dr. Dmitry Kolpashchikov, his team is developing quantitative logic-gated DNA nanomachines designed to treat cancer. Andrey’s research focuses on improving the CRISPR-Cas9 methodologies to edit the bovine genome.


  • Trolling Evolutionists with Flatfish or: Five Facts that Prove Natural Selection

    You might find this hard to believe, but there are still many people in the world who see biological evolution as a contrived and unproven theory. Most commonly they ask: why are there still monkeys around and why haven’t they become humans? Many of us have probably asked the same question at school. But, unfortunately, most schools don’t educate children on the evidence of evolution and their understanding of the origin of modern humans is based on outdated ideas that have been disproven by molecular biologists. For instance, genetic analysis of Neanderthal DNA has shown that these species were not our ancestors. Mikhail Gelfand, Doctor of Biological Sciences, member of Academia Europea and Ministry of  Education and Science’s Public Council, spoke at an open lecture at ITMO University and explained how to properly discuss evolution, what evidence of it exists and who are, after all, our ancestors.


  • ITMO University Launches New Chemical-Biological Center

    Last Friday, the combined Chemical-Biological Center started working at ITMO University. Rector Vladimir Vasilyev and Professor David Avnir, co-head of the SCAMT International Laboratory participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. During the event, Vladimir and Alexandr Vinogradovs made a tour of the new center on Lomonosova str., 9.


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