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  • ITMO Graduates Set to Receive First-Ever NFT Diplomas From VK

    Along with their digital diplomas, ITMO University’s graduates of 2023 will also receive unique tokens for the social network VK. These NFTs will serve as further proof of their degrees and acquired competencies. In the future, graduates will also be able to upload these tokens into job-seeking services as part of their CV.


  • ITMO Graduates to Receive Digital Diplomas and Personalized NFTs

    This year, students graduating from ITMO University will receive digital diplomas to complement their state-issued ones. Meant to help students stand out from among other job candidates, these digital diplomas describe the practical experience and competencies gained by students during their time at ITMO. The best graduates of 2023 will also receive personalized NFTs. 


  • Not Just NFTs: Experts Discuss New Applications for Blockchain

    How much do you know about blockchain? For most people, the word is strongly associated with cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. However, this technology has long expanded beyond the world of digital finance and is now actively being used in both business and education. At the Not Just NFTs meetup on May 4, experts spoke about how blockchain can help us study, transport priceless museum exhibits, and even extract oil.


  • Two ITMO Teams Win Web3 Games Hackathon

    Teams Nutcrackers and Valhalla games shared the first place at a recent Web3 games Hack contest, with the first team taking home $1,500 and the second – $500. Both teams will make their games available on TON Play, Telegram’s gaming platform.  


  • What Is the Metaverse?

    These days, metauniverse is a buzzword and is often used in entertainment. Fashion companies create unique outfits for virtual avatars, celebrities launch NFTs and perform live in metaworlds – even new metabanks and metahotels are opening online. But does the metaverse hold a promise for science and education? Will we one day have a meta-ITMO? And how will the associated technologies change in the near future? Let’s answer these questions with Alexander Kapitonov, dean of the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. 


  • ITMO Graduate Daria Yakovleva on Building a Career in IT, Working at VK, and Launching NFT Startup

    Daria Yakovleva got her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from ITMO and is now a PhD student at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. Her career in IT began during her Master's studies with an internship in Silicon Valley and becoming a team lead at VK. Recently, Daria launched her own NFT startup that has already won the international hackathon by Algorand and was named best in its cohort at ITMO Accelerator. In this interview, we asked Daria about finding her purpose and why she left a corporate job behind to focus on her startup. 


  • Results of Latest Demo Day at ITMO Accelerator

    Another season has come to a close at ITMO Accelerator. Over the course of three months, students of various Russian universities learned how to launch and grow their startup. During the final Demo Day, they presented their ideas to an expert jury. ITMO.NEWS reports on the top five projects.


  • Play to Learn: How One ITMO Student Brings Russian Indigenous Cultures to the Public Through Video Games

    Konstantin Balagansky, a first-year Master’s student at ITMO, is working on a video game inspired by the Buryat version of the Epic of King Gesar. Unlike other games, it offers players not only multiple challenges to complete but also an opportunity to explore the culture of the indigenous people of Buryatia. ITMO.NEWS talked to Konstantin to learn more about his project and how video games can help build smart cities.


  • $3,000 for a Special Kid’s Drawing: How ITMO Student Uses NFT Auctions for Charity

    In the summer of 2021, Daniil Zuyev, a student at ITMO’s Computer Technologies in Design Bachelor’s program, created the Osobenny Mir (A Special World) project based on the drawings created by children from the Yom-Yom inclusive center. A charity project by design, Osobenny Mir donates half of its revenue from NFT auctions to the center. However, unexpectedly, it also opened the world of contemporary art to Daniil – selected works were showcased at a virtual exhibition at the Hermitage and the Disartive Art & Tech Fair in Nizhny Novgorod, and one of the drawings was purchased for 230,000 rubles (about $3,000). In this article, Daniil tells us how he decided to combine NFT and charity and what it feels like to suddenly become a contemporary artist. 


  • ITMO’s Robot Artist Learns To Earn Money Using NFT

    Researchers from ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies are the first to launch NFT (non-fungible tokens) for the creations of the Gaka-Chu robot artist. The robot’s pictures are already in demand – there are buyers willing to purchase tokens for the equivalent of $1,600 in Ethereum. Gaka-Chu will spend his earnings on new paints, brushes, and canvas.