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  • ITMO Physicists Found New Way to Optimize Nanoparticles and Light Interaction

    ITMO scientists have been the first to describe new features of dielectric nanoparticles’ optical response using an improved method for electromagnetic field analysis that can take into account more complex configurations of bias currents inside the objects. These effects allow to better understand the processes in nanoparticles and adjust their behavior for more efficient light control in devices such as nanolasers or sensors. The results have been published in Laser and Photonics Reviews and selected as materials for the issue cover.


  • Physicists Suggest New Way to Measure Speed in Liquid Micro-Flows

    Scientists from ITMO University developed a novel optical method of measuring reagent delivery rates for “labs on a chip”. The method is based on a dynamic interaction between a nanoantenna and luminescent molecules as the distance between them affects light intensity. Processed mathematically, these light dynamics help determine the flow speed. This method can also be used for measuring temperature and identifying flow types. The research was published in Laser & Photonics Reviews, making the front cover of the issue.