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  • “White Night of Technology”: How to Ensure Cybersecurity and Teach Neural Networks to See

    The history’s biggest hacking attack WannaCry, the FaceApp scandal, the improved Google Assistant, Elon Musk’s “neural lace” and Facebook’s ambitious plan to reject mouse and keyboard in favor of the “power of the mind” – these were just some of the hot topics in science and technology in the last few months. These and others were discussed last Wednesday at the festival of popular science “White Night of Technology” at the Benoit1890 cultural platform. ITMO.NEWS has put together some of the most interesting bits from the discussion.


  • Psychophysiologist Alexander Kaplan: Why Elon Musk is Weaving “Neural Lace” and Will AI Help Conserve Resources for Human Brain?

    Today’s computers don’t just solve mathematical problems at the drop of a hat – they also beat world champions in chess, Go and poker. Does this mean that artificial intelligence is finally here and could soon pose danger to humans? Or is human-machine symbiosis the way of the future? It’s no coincidence that even Elon Musk and Facebook are now developing neural interface technology for direct brain-to-computer interaction. What this will lead us to, what is “neural lace” and “cybersymb” and what myths surround the topic of the human brain – these were the topics of the open lecture given at ITMO University by Alexander Kaplan, Russia’s leading brain-machine interface developer and head of Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Neuro-Computer Interfaces at Moscow State University.