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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: July 9-10, 2022

    Though the scorching heat might have passed, summer is still in full swing in the city. This weekend, we invite you to honor it by taking a picturesque walk in Pavlovsk Park. However, that’s not all we have in store, so let’s get right to this weekend’s best events in St. Petersburg


  • Live Your Best Spring in St. Petersburg

    It’s time to start living the life we could only imagine during those long and unexpectedly cold winter months – spring is almost in its full reign in the city! For this special occasion, we have assembled a collection of ideas on how to celebrate every token of the season all around St. Petersburg. Let’s see hibernation off in style! 


  • How To: Outdoor Ice Rinks

    So, December is finally here and the temperatures are slowly getting lower, practically inviting us to partake in all kinds of winter activities – preferably those that are outdoors and allow for social distancing. Ice rinks sound like an exciting idea but you’ve never been to one? We’ve got your back! Here’s our handy guide on what to expect on an ice rink. 


  • Genome Goes Digital: IT in Genetics and Medicine

    Vladimir Uliantsev, head of ITMO University’s International Laboratory “Computer Technologies,” has presented the lecture "Bioinformatics: How genomic data helps study the origin of people and the mechanisms of disease development" at the New Holland Island Open Lecture Hall. Those who came to the event learned how today’s scientists acquire genome data, the role of programmers in that process, and what makes the results of that research so valuable. Find the highlights of last week’s lecture in the article below.


  • Procrastination: Blessing or a Curse?

    The internet is chock-full with tips on getting motivated: from watching pep-talk videos to making to-do lists. But any of these methods only work a limited number of times and don’t help us learn why we’re so prone to put off important business. During a recent lecture at New Holland’s ITMO University Lecture Hall, a clinical psychologist and founder of the Vdokh psychological support service for non-profit employees Olga Sorina shared insights into the nature of motivation, human needs, and self-control. Find highlights of her lecture below.


  • Digital Identity: Current Trends and Future Prospects

    Last week, the latest in a series of public lectures about science and technology, organized by ITMO University’s Science Communication Center, was held at the New Holland creative space. This time around, attendees had the pleasure of hearing from Alexander Boukhanovsky, PhD, the head of ITMO University’s School of Translational Information Technologies and the eScience Research Institute, who spoke about the modern state of digital identity technologies and their applications. Below are the key highlights of his talk.


  • Polytechnic Museum’s Curator Alexey Semikhatov: Logic and Math Help Us Predict the Unknown

    Humanity’s understanding of the world has expanded far into space and deep into the structure of matter, and mathematical science became our guide into the world of the counterintuitive and the unimaginable. Alexey Semikhatov, a science communicator, PhD, and scientific curator of the Moscow Polytechnic Museum, joined ITMO University’s open lecture series at New Holland to talk about how the logical abilities of the human brain, as formalized in maths, help us forecast the yet-undiscovered areas of the universe. Learn the highlights from Dr. Semikhatov’s lecture in the article below; you can also watch the complete lecture (in Russian) here.


  • ITMO University Starts Lectures at New Holland

    Every year, the New Holland Island hosts Open Lecture Hall, a series of regular lectures and other educational events for visitors of the city’s trendiest public space. Among the project’s partners are the European University in St. Petersburg, the Higher School of Economics, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as other cultural and educational organizations. Starting this April, ITMO University joins the project and launches its own series of lectures on science and technology.


  • The Best of Summer in St. Petersburg

    Warm temperatures, blooming flowers and long hours of sunshine make summer the best time to visit St. Petersburg. The city’s streets are filled with people all through the season and especially now when the city is hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Whether you’re in the mood for a ride in the amusement park or a boat tour to the Gulf of Finland, check out our St. Petersburg summer guide.