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  • Keeping the Balance Between Creativity and Technology: Ekaterina Doronina on Her Path to Self-Discovery

    In this ITMO.NEWS interview, Ekaterina Doronina shares her thoughts on how to become an interdisciplinary designer, do an internship at the Alexandrinsky Theatre, work on major projects for museums, and find yourself.


  • Digital Technologies in Theater

    How can modern digital technologies help theater-goers “see” actors’ feelings? Can actors convey their emotions without words? Neural interfaces and biosensors make it all possible. The participants of the Experimental Interactive Design Summer School studied how modern technologies can be used in theater. The school was organized by Tallinn University, ITMO University’s Creative Lighting Department, and the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater.


  • The History of Light in Art

    For a long time, light was only seen as a functional element of everyday life. Over time, artists have begun to study its properties, the ways it can accentuate shapes and textures. In the 20th century, it became its own “character” in art, architecture, theater and performance art. Caty Olive, a light designer and artist from France, spoke about the history of people’s relationship with light at a lecture in St. Petersburg. The event took place at Alexandrinsky Theatre’s New Stage, supported by ITMO University’s Higher School of Lighting Design.


  • Technology as Digital Mirrors

    The media art festival MediaIN took place on the new stage of the Alexandrinsky theater from 14th to 16th of July. Visitors had the chance to admire different interactive light and sound installations and video art. ITMO.NEWS managed to get an interview with Taras Mashtalir, a media artist, composer and producer whose works were displayed during the three days of the festival. He was behind the project SONICOLOGY and created some of his works in collaboration with The Higher School of Lighting Design at ITMO University. Mashtalir also worked as a lecturer at ITMO during the last academic semester.