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  • Scientific Seminars by ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering Are Now Available Online

    There are different ways that you could make use of the period of restrictions necessitated by the ongoing pandemic. One of these is self-education, taking online courses, watching video lectures. The staff over at ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering have decided to take a step further and moved their traditional seminars on theoretical physics, nano-optics and microwave technologies to online. The seminars allow you to listen to world-renowned scientists talking about their latest work, ongoing experiments and the cutting edge of science beyond the popular science format.


  • “Best Choice I’ve Ever Made”: ITMO Graduate Kseniya Zavatskaya on Her Education and Career in Optics

    Kseniya Zavatskaya studied quantum electronics for her Bachelor’s, but never found a solid application for the knowledge she acquired. As a Master’s student at ITMO University, she discovered her future calling and found employment less than a month after graduation. Kseniya spoke to ITMO.NEWS and explained why she chose applied optics, how her career has unfolded since, and what advice she would give to future engineers.


  • ITMO University During the Second World War

    On May 9, 2020 we celebrate victory in the most horrifying war in the history of humanity, the Second World War, for the 75th time. Its history is compiled out of millions of stories about people, cities, villages, institutes, theaters, and museums. Together with the Historical Museum of ITMO University, we would like to share stories about our heroes, as well as challenges and triumphs that our university went through during those four years.


  • Not Conflict, But Synergy: On Salvador Dali’s Relationship with Science

    Sergei Stafeev, a professor at ITMO University and a leading expert on optics and art & science, will deliver a lecture titled “Salvador Dali and Science” on February 6 as part of a major exhibition of the Spanish artist’s works. He will examine the examples of harmonious synthesis of science and art, as well as the mutual influence between these fields in the 20th century. We spoke with Professor Stafeev to find out more about the exhibition, Dali’s scientific endeavors, and notable works in the field of art & science.


  • ITMO University’s Museum of Optics and the Magic of Light

    Last weekend, I visited ITMO University’s Museum of Optics to get a grasp of what the future has in store – and I wasn’t disappointed. From ultra-realistic holograms to traditional optical illusions, it’s art meets science meets inspiration.


  • Head of Leningrad Laser Systems on Specifics of Russian Optical Components Market

    Headed by ITMO graduate Nikita Burov, the Leningrad Laser Systems company has been selling components and equipment to enterprises, research centers and laboratories that work in the field of photonics and optics since 2016. In 2019, the company became resident of ITMO Technopark, and now makes use of the university’s scientific expertise for developing its produce. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, Mr. Burov spoke about the current issues of the optical components market and how one can become part of their team.


  • Quantum Physicist Oleksandr Kyriienko on the Future of Computing and Making a Career in Science

    Oleksandr Kyriienko came to ITMO University as a part of the University’s Fellowship Program. His scientific career has led him through several different fields of physics and to various countries, including Iceland, Singapore and Brazil. ITMO.NEWS asked Oleksandr about the peculiar nature of such life and other important aspects of being a scientist in the 21st century.


  • Beautiful Physics: ITMO Scientist Wins Award of Wikipedia’s Science Photo Competition

    Research associate at ITMO’s Laboratory of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnologies Semyon Smirnov has received an award of the Science Photo Competition hosted by Wikipedia. Performing an experiment, the scientist managed to get a snap of a femtosecond laser spark and the cone-like supercontinuum it created. This kind of radiation has a wide range of applications in many scientific fields, from the study of the properties of new materials and biologic tissues to the optimization of data transfer systems. The researcher shared about finding beauty in research and using photography to popularize science with ITMO.NEWS.


  • Tel Aviv University Professor Boris Malomed on Non-Linear Physics and Solitons

    The field of optics has the potential to radically change the way we use information. During a visit to ITMO University, Professor Boris Malomed from the Tel Aviv University shared some insights into his work. Prof. Malomed has spent more than 30 years in the field of non-linear optics and solitons. His h-index is among the highest of all researchers in this subject area. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, Boris Malomed explained how optics shape our lives today and what effects it has on other fields of physics.


  • Why Factories Are Once Again Popular Among Young Optics Specialists

    Evgeniy Moiseev graduated from ITMO University three years ago; today, he works at the Krasnogorsky Factory, one of Russia’s top optics manufacturers and a part of the Rostec state corporation, where he designs and creates optical devices for use in space exploration, photography and medicine. Speaking with ITMO.NEWS, he explained why factory work is once again a popular choice among young Russian specialists and how universities can prepare engineering students for employment in the high tech industry.