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  • Baltic Weekend 2017: Why Creators Will Always Be In Business

    ​Why is it that robots will never replace talented creators? Why do investors often make their choice based on who presents some product or service? How can one draw attention to the ethical problems of our high-tech future? These are the questions that were widely discussed at the recent Baltic Weekend conference that brought together experts in the field of PR and journalism that recently took place at ITMO University.


  • “Formula for Science PR 3.0”: SciComm for the Modern Society

    How does scientific knowledge manage to survive in a distrustful society? What should science journalists do in the post-truth era? How is science communicated in Germany, Italy and Russia? Can science and business finally be friends? The “Formula for Science PR 3.0”, a newly assembled collection of practices and expert opinions in the field of Science Communication, answers all these questions and more. The “Communication Lab” project of the Russian Venture Company (RVC) publishes the only handbook on Science Communication in Russia. Its third edition was developed by ITMO University’s Center for Science Communication: more than 20 experts working in science popularization in Russia and abroad were invited to take part.


  • ITMO Enters Medialogia's Universities Media-Ranking

    In early July the “Medialogia” company published a ranking of Russian universities for May 2017. The ranking traces universities’ success in representing themselves through mass media. It is the first time that ITMO University appeared in the list, ranking ninth from the get-go. Also appearing among the Top-10 are: the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Higher School of Economics, and other leading russian universities.