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  • Student Spotlight: Ghaith Azzam, Lebanon

    Meet Ghaith, a second-year Bachelor's student of bioengineering, who is truly a unique and captivating individual. Ghaith's academic journey is just the beginning of his remarkable story. With a profound philosophical perspective on life, he brings a fresh and enlightening approach to the world of bioengineering. In this interview, Ghaith will share his experiences, insights, and invaluable advice, sure to inspire and motivate new students.


  • Anton Syutkin On Teaching Philosophy at a Technical University

    In this series, we talk about laureates of ITMO Edu Awards. In 2021, Anton Syutkin, an employee at ITMO’s Institute of International Development and Partnership, became one of the winners of the ITMO.EduStars track. He has been holding seminars in philosophy at ITMO University for five years. We asked him how hard it is to be a lecturer and researcher at the same time, what it’s like to teach philosophy at ITMO, and how this course can be improved.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner Ksenia Kapelchuk on How Philosophy Can Help Get in Touch With Your Inner Self

    To stimulate its teachers and mentors, ITMO University has introduced the annual ITMO Edu Awards, meant to recognize superior accomplishments in education. ITMO.NEWS talked to Ksenia Kapelchuk, a philosophy lecturer and one of last year’s award winners, to learn more about what makes philosophy unique, how the pandemic affected teaching, and how she got into the art of fragrances.


  • “Let’s Rot Together”: Experts Discuss Philosophy in the Time of Pandemic

    In March and April, the AIR gallery, ITMO University’s art residence, hosted the exhibition Staying With the Trouble that was dedicated to viruses and their various roles in human lives. Apart from artworks by Russian and international contemporary artists, it also involved creative meetups, lectures, and art mediations. The program concluded with a round-table discussion with quite a peculiar title Let’s Rot Together!. ITMO.NEWS attended the event and learned how philosophers describe the interaction of Earth’s various lifeforms and why decomposition is not always about destruction. 


  • Three Monsters of Thinking: ITMO Holds a Lecture on Evidence-Based Policy As Part of Hard Core Philosophy Project

    Hard Core Philosophy is a project within ITMO’s Thinking module. It is a series of lectures by Russian and international researchers from the world’s best universities on contemporary ontology and theory of cognition.


  • Rain Falling Upwards and “Critique of Pure Reason”: a Guide to “Gatchina Lightnights”

    On August 10-11, Gatchina will host the Lightnights international festival of light art. 37 art objects designed by artists from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, and Finland will be presented at the festival. Master’s students from ITMO’s Department of Creative Lighting Design will also take part in the event. Rain going upside down, rethinking of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, and many other stunning art objects by designers and architects from all over the world. Don’t miss out on the fun!