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  • Crash Course in Photonics: Part 3

    We continue our exploration of the exciting world of photonics and figuring out why thousands of scientists all over the world are so enthralled with this field. Covered by this third installment of our Crash Course in Photonics is a gut-wrenching story about evil criminals, brave photons and the power of quantum cryptography. 


  • 2019 Presidential Scholarship: ITMO Winners on Their Research and Internships

    Seventeen young scientists from ITMO University have become winners of the presidential scholarship contest. This academic year, they can go abroad to study and work alongside their international colleagues solving scientific tasks in their fields of focus. We spoke to some of the winners to find out what research they work on, which universities they chose for their exchange, and whether the victory came as a surprise. 


  • ITMO Researchers Describe Carbon Dot Structure, Discover Red Emission Amplification Method

    Fluorescent carbon nanoparticles, also known as carbon dots, were first described in the early ‘00s. But even today, scientists around the globe still have not reached a consensus on their inner structure and emission process. Carbon dots have a great deal of potential applications due to their biocompatibility with the human body and the ease and low cost of their production as compared to semiconductor quantum dots. Researchers from ITMO University have published two research papers in which they put forth their answers to the burning questions about carbon dots.


  • MIT Professor Marin Soljacic: AI Will Play a Large Role in the Future of Research

    In 2007, the New York Times named Marin Soljačić as the author of one of that year’s top 70 “curious, inspired, and perplexing” inventions. The celebrated scientist, winner of numerous awards, and MIT professor is known to the world as, first and foremost, a researcher of wireless energy transfer technology. His experiments and studies on the subject are often compared to those of Nicola Tesla. In recent years, Prof. Soljačić has been exploring the applications of photonic crystals in solar energy production and the usage of machine learning algorithms in photonics. He presented a report on his latest research during the METANANO conference, which has recently concluded in St. Petersburg. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Marin Soljačić discusses the effects of the latest tech on research and explains why scientists must not limit themselves to a single field of study.


  • Crash Course in Photonics: Part 2

    We continue to explore what makes photonics so cool – and why thousands of scientists around the world are drawn to this field.


  • Crash Course in Photonics: Part 1

    What is photonics? For one, it is a highly promising field of research that holds the key to our future. But what’s so great about it, and why is it about to kick regular electronics’ butt? Learn the answer in our illustrated series about a bright little fella called Photon.


  • Head of Leningrad Laser Systems on Specifics of Russian Optical Components Market

    Headed by ITMO graduate Nikita Burov, the Leningrad Laser Systems company has been selling components and equipment to enterprises, research centers and laboratories that work in the field of photonics and optics since 2016. In 2019, the company became resident of ITMO Technopark, and now makes use of the university’s scientific expertise for developing its produce. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, Mr. Burov spoke about the current issues of the optical components market and how one can become part of their team.


  • M-Cube Named One of the Best Innovative Projects by European Commission

    M-Cube, an international project aimed at making the MRI procedure faster and safer, was awarded a European Horizon 2020 grant as one of the most prospective innovative projects. Scientists from ITMO University also work on the project as part of an International Research Consortium. The information about M-Cube has been posted on the European Commission’s website Innovation Radar, which helps researchers gain visibility among various companies and funds, as well as bring their product to the market.


  • Physicists Design Next-Gen Antenna for Supersensitive Magnetic Field Detectors

    Scientists from ITMO University and the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences have proposed a new microwave antenna that creates a uniform magnetic field in large volume. It is capable of uniform and coherent addressing of the electronic spins of an ensemble of nanodiamond structure defects. This can be used to create super-sensitive magnetic field detectors of a new generation for magnetoencephalography in the study and diagnosis of epilepsy and other diseases. The results are published in JETP Letters.


  • Why Factories Are Once Again Popular Among Young Optics Specialists

    Evgeniy Moiseev graduated from ITMO University three years ago; today, he works at the Krasnogorsky Factory, one of Russia’s top optics manufacturers and a part of the Rostec state corporation, where he designs and creates optical devices for use in space exploration, photography and medicine. Speaking with ITMO.NEWS, he explained why factory work is once again a popular choice among young Russian specialists and how universities can prepare engineering students for employment in the high tech industry.


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