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  • ITMO Graduate Nikita Teplyakov on Working in Switzerland, Studying in the UK, and Breaking Stereotypes

    Nikita Teplyakov spoke to us about his path in science and explained how he managed to rack up 29 Scopus publications in six years as an ITMO student.


  • What It's Like to Get Your Master's in Photonics at ITMO University

    If IT is the industry of today, then photonics is the industry of the future. But why? And what Master's programs in this field does ITMO University offer its students? Where do its students build their careers? And why do students here do research from the very start? Find out in this illustrated series!


  • Scientists Use Lasers and Gold Particles to Turn Titanium Oxide Into Nanocomposite for Photocatalysts

    Oxides of different metals often serve as photocatalysts in various systems such as air purification, reactions of water decomposition and even in the production of self-cleaning surfaces for glass and mirrors. The physical-chemical properties of such materials can be improved by adding nanoparticles, which turn an ordinary oxide into a nanomaterial with new capabilities. To successfully perform this, however, it is necessary to understand the processes going on as a nanocomposite is being formed, and to be able to control them. ITMO University researchers together with their colleagues from France and the USA have demonstrated how a femtosecond laser can be used to tune the structure and nanocomposite properties for titanium dioxide films filled with gold nanoparticles. The paper was published in ACS The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 


  • Science for Industry of the Future: Photonics Master’s Studies at ITMO University

    By 2025, 75% of people are forecasted to have constant internet access – and the already prevalent digitalization of our life will become even more widespread. In such conditions, optical and quantum communications solve a variety of tasks. Photonics is a science and technology field at the intersection of optical physics, engineering and materials science. Here, light – a beam of photons – is used to process and transmit information. Photons don’t have mass or electric charge. Such technologies work at an ultra-high speed – much faster than electronic systems. ITMO University’s Master’s students majoring in Photonics take part in research and development of hi-tech devices for the industry of the future. More on the opportunities presented by Master’s studies at ITMO University’s School of Photonics – in this article. 


  • Reach Out and Touch Science: Sirius Conference Participants at ITMO University

    From February 10 to 15, five students from Moscow, Kazan and Saint Petersburg took part in an internship at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering at ITMO University. Supervised by researchers and postgraduate students, they worked for a week on a real experiment with high-tech equipment. You can find on ITMO.NEWS information about what “smart labels” are and how to work on them, as well as what experience in general you can get from such internships.


  • ISS Simulation Software, Laser Breathalyser and Metal 3D Printer: A Tour of Laser Systems

    This year, ITMO University hosted the third winter school “It’s Your Call!” for participants of the “I am a Professional” student competition. Sberbank served as the general partner of the school that annually brings together students from all over Russia. The school consists of workshops, lectures and tours of major companies and research institutions. Last week, the participants went to Laser Systems, a high-tech company based in Strelna. There, they discovered how lasers can help make flights safer and detect the level of someone’s alcohol intoxication and saw a 3D printer working with metal powders. 


  • ITMO Graduate Elena Ushakova on Scientific Career, Research Projects and Working in Hong Kong

    A graduate of ITMO University’s Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information, Elena Ushakova has been working at the university for over ten years. However, in the last year, along with being a lecturer and research associate at ITMO, Elena is doing research and giving lectures at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, she talks about the research she has been working on lately, as well as the elements that make a scientist’s career.


  • International Team of Scientists Discover New Phenomenon in Topological Physics

    While doing research on photonic topological insulators, an international team of scientists including physicists from ITMO University succeeded in providing an experimental proof of models that were only theoretically described before, as well as discovering a completely new phenomenon. This work, which received partial support from the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, opens a new field in the research of topological insulators and can potentially help create highly efficient microelectronic devices. The article was published in Nature Photonics.


  • Crash Course in Photonics: Part 3

    We continue our exploration of the exciting world of photonics and figuring out why thousands of scientists all over the world are so enthralled with this field. Covered by this third installment of our Crash Course in Photonics is a gut-wrenching story about evil criminals, brave photons and the power of quantum cryptography. 


  • 2019 Presidential Scholarship: ITMO Winners on Their Research and Internships

    Seventeen young scientists from ITMO University have become winners of the presidential scholarship contest. This academic year, they can go abroad to study and work alongside their international colleagues solving scientific tasks in their fields of focus. We spoke to some of the winners to find out what research they work on, which universities they chose for their exchange, and whether the victory came as a surprise.