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  • My Experience as a Speaker of the Congress Globalistics-2023 at Lomonosov Moscow State University

    This semester, I participated as a guest lecturer in the Congress GLOBALISTICS-2023: Problems of artificial intelligence and changes in technological structures, dedicated to the 270th anniversary of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). Thanks to the application I sent to ITMO University's Academic Mobility Support Office, I was able to a 70% reimbursement of my expenses on this trip. You can read more about the opportunity here.


  • Impeccable Mixed-State Communication: Part 2

    Sequel to the previous article on the broad concept of mixed-state communication, here, without further delay, we proceed to address the common pitfalls associated with a flawed mixed-state communication. From the foregoing, we have established the fact that the efficacy of verbal communication is marked by an understanding of the clarity and purpose of the sent message. If there happens to be a mismatch between what was sent and what was received, the communication is then pronounced ineffective. What are some of the common blockades that preclude verbal and non-verbal clarity?


  • Impeccable Mixed-State Communication: Part 1

    It is difficult to overstate the pertinence of effective communication, be it verbal or written, particularly if one wants to move steadily up the academic or professional ladder. Without exaggeration, for instance, the utter neglect of key communication skills in the professional space is tantamount to planning for an early career death. How one can gain mastery of this life skill is a question a plethora of materials centering on the subject of communication have, at different times, tried to tackle head-on. However, like a recurring decimal, the mistakes many communication enthusiasts seek to correct appear to be the same mistakes they, more often than not, continue to make. These blockades, as I like to call them, deal huge blows to how effective we come across when communicating our ideas and thoughts. Fortunately, these blockades are not without remedies.