My Experience as a Speaker of the Congress Globalistics-2023 at Lomonosov Moscow State University

This semester, I participated as a guest lecturer in the Congress GLOBALISTICS-2023: Problems of artificial intelligence and changes in technological structures, dedicated to the 270th anniversary of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). Thanks to the application I sent to ITMO University's Academic Mobility Support Office, I was able to a 70% reimbursement of my expenses on this trip. You can read more about the opportunity here.

Diego delivering his talk. Photo courtesy of the subject

At the congress, the topic of my talk was The impact of artificial intelligence on education. During my presentation, I invited Professor Edgar Mesa (Areandina University, Colombia) and Dr. Mo Zhao (Jilin University, China) to compare our ideas from the point of view of each country.

In which, we agreed that artificial intelligence is simplifying the tasks of teachers but at the same time of students.

Nowadays, ChatGPT,, DALL-E, etc. are tools that are available to all students, so what should prevail is their analysis, interpretation, and opinion on the corresponding topics, since any student can obtain the information quickly.

Since we human beings have created theories or concepts, then we are the only ones who can change them.

In our talk, we also commented that artificial intelligence is changing the structure of teaching by converting it into something more dynamic — practical, putting an emphasis on the soft skills of each student.

During my presentation, MSU students and professors actively commented on the relationship between artificial intelligence and research, it was the topic that attracted the most attention among the participants.

I would like to thank the staff of the Faculty of Global Studies at MSU, Head of Academic Mobility Department Kristina Leonova, Professor Olga Kornienko, Polina Dementeva, and Deputy Dean Ruslan Gabdullin, as well as my Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations at ITMO and the university’s Academic Mobility Support Office for making my participation in the event possible and memorable.

Master's student, Innovation Entrepreneurship