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  • ITMO University Researchers’ Work on DNA-Based Nanorobot for Cancer Diagnostics

    A group of researchers from ITMO University has come up with the concept of a new drug against cancer: a nanorobot made of DNA fragments, which can potentially be used not only to destroy cancer cells but also to locate them in the body. The research is published in Chemistry – A European Journal.  


  • Physicists Proposed Fast Method for Printing Nanolasers From Perovskites

    An international research team has developed a new method of synthesizing miniature light sources. It is based on a special laser which produces millions of nanolasers from a perovskite film in a few minutes. Such lasers look like small disks, work at room temperature and have a tunable emission wavelength from 550 to 800 nm. The high speed and good reproducibility of this method make it promising for the industrial production of single nanolasers as well as whole chains. The study was published in ACS Nano.


  • ITMO University Scientists Develop Laser for High-Precision Satellite Navigation

    Scientists from ITMO University’s Research Institute of Laser Physics have developed a high-power laser with short pulse duration for use in a lunar laser locator. The locator will make it possible to measure the distance between the Moon and Earth with a margin of error of just a few millimeters. This would make it possible to correct calculations of celestial coordinates of the Moon in order to improve the accuracy of satellite navigation systems. An article on the new laser was published in Optics Letters.


  • ITMO University Secures First Place in Science Popularisation Ranking

    Indicator, a popular science website, has recently published its science popularisation ranking. It has evaluated the effectiveness of PR activities of universities participating in Project 5-100 in 2017. The results were based on a questionnaire survey filled in by staff members of the universities’ PR-departments. ITMO topped the ranking, receiving 193 points out of 195 possible. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (192 points) and National University of Science and Technology came second and third in the ranking, accordingly (187).


  • ITMO Physicists Use Radiofrequency Trap to “Freeze” Nanocrystals

    A group of physicists from ITMO University has developed a system that provides optical cooling to nanocrystals. The system, made up of a radiofrequency trap and a laser light source, decreases the kinetic energy of a nanocrystal and lowers it to its quantum limit, at which new properties emerge. This method may prove useful in fundamental research and studies of biological objects within the framework of quantum mechanics. A research paper was published in the Journal of the Optical Society of America B as an editors’ pick.


  • Scientists Complete Research on Ultra-Short Pulses in Resonant Mediums

    A team of researchers from ITMO University, headed by Professor Nikolai Rozanov and in collaboration with their Russian colleagues from St. Petersburg State University’s Department of Optics and German colleagues from Uwe Morgner’s Ultrafast Optics Group at Leibniz University (Hannover), has acquired valuable results on the matter of propagation of extremely short optical pulses in resonant mediums.


  • New Metamaterial-Enhanced MRI Technology Successfully Tested on Human Subjects

    Scientists from the Netherlands and Russia designed and tested a new metasurface-based technology for enhancing the local sensitivity of MRI scanners on human test subjects for the first time. The metasurface consists of thin resonant strips arranged periodically. Placed under a patient's head, it provides much higher image quality from the local brain region. The results, published in Scientific Reports, show that the use of metasurfaces can potentially reduce image acquisition time, make the procedure more comfortable for patients and acquire higher resolution images to allow diseases to be diagnosed at an earlier stage.