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  • ITMO Launches Professional Development Program in Applied Metagenomics

    ITMO University is opening a new continuous professional development (CPD) program for Master’s and PhD students, as well as researchers from ITMO and other institutions wishing to conduct metagenomics studies, explore novel diagnostic techniques, and alter human microbiomes.


  • ITMO's Monday Science Roundup #13

    Welcome to the baker’s dozen installment of our bi-monthly news digest! In this overview of the latest happenings in science and research at ITMO, we’ll be looking at: promising new technologies, a new professional development initiative, and a dive into special relativity.


  • ITMO’s New Professional Development Programs: Data Analysis, BIM, and Web Design

    ITMO University has recently launched three new professional development programs on the Open Education online platform: Data Analysis, Project Development with BIM, and Professional Web Design in HTML and CSS (all courses are taught in Russian). Upon completing each of the courses, students will get a state-standard CPD (continuous professional development) certificate. Read on to learn about the structure of the courses and the skills their students will acquire. 


  • 100+ ITMO Teaching Staff Receive Professional Development Certificates as ITMO.EXPERT Course Wraps Up

    Over the course of a week, participants of the intensive course attended lectures given by top experts, learned about useful online teaching tools, shared life hacks and techniques with others, and tested them “in the wild.”


  • Best of Offline and Online: Exploring the New Look of Education

    On August 24-29, ITMO University hosted the online intensive course titled Blended Learning: Educators’ Digital Competencies. During the event, ITMO’s teaching staff learned about the upcoming academic year’s blended learning format and developed the skills required to bring that plan to fruition. More than 300 staff members took part in the course.


  • How to Choose a Profession in the Digital World

    We live in the age of total digitalization. More and more people work in the digital field. Every day new professions appear, and familiar specializations are changing and transforming at the speed of light. In order to keep up, everyone should study constantly, follow the trends, and gain new skills. Maksim Popov, a representative of the LeaderCup project, has given an open lecture on choosing a profession in the digital field, and we have summarized it for you.


  • Meet the First Graduates of ITMO's Mentorship Program

    The student mentorship program was launched for the first time on the occasion of ITMO University’s 120th anniversary. University graduates with established careers or their own companies who are ready to share their experience acted as mentors. Around 23 mentor-mentee matches participated in the project, with some mentors working with several students. Learn more about the program, its role in creating the ITMO.Family community and the personal experiences of participants below.


  • Education Anew: Motivation, Development, and Careers in the Digital Age

    How to set priorities and organize the learning process in the new digital era? By sending tasks via SMS or turning stuffy classrooms into interactive spaces? Marina Kazantseva, a business coach for personal effectiveness, and Maria Ososkova, an expert on career guidance, addressed the current issues of today's education in an interview for Megabyte Media.


  • Siberian Coal Energy Company’s Advisor on Personnel: Even the Most Macho Miners Need Soft Skills

    Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) is one of the world’s largest coal companies and the leading coal, heat and electricity producer in Russia. Over the course of the past four years, ITMO University has been hosting professional development courses for the company’s staff. This year’s program is called “Innovation Management. Leadership and Corporate Governance”. ITMO.NEWS found out why miners have to study emotional intelligence, how to fix equipment in subzero temperatures, and why the world-class company chooses to cooperate with ITMO University.