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  • Quantum Physics Is Everywhere: FAQ With ITMO Quantum Physicist

    For this story, we reached out to the ITMO Fellow and quantum physicist Dmitry Karlovets and asked him every burning question we had about quantum physics: Is it really so hard? Why is it so popular? And when should we expect the first consumer-grade quantum computers? Read on to find out!


  • Student Spotlight: Anas Akenoun, Morocco

    In a vibrant fusion of culture and academia, Anas, a budding scholar from Morocco, has embarked on a captivating journey at ITMO. In this interview, Anas delves into his motivations for choosing ITMO, his deep-rooted connection to his homeland's traditions, and the enlightening experiences that have colored his academic and personal life in the heart of Russia's cultural capital.


  • Student Spotlight: Goodness Ajamu, Nigeria

    When you dream big, nothing can stop you from reaching the top. In this interview, we talk with Goodness Ajamu, a 23-year-old whose love for quantum mechanics has brought him all the way from Kwara State in Nigeria to St. Petersburg. Read on to learn more about his experiences as an international student at ITMO.


  • Can Quantum Mechanics Do Anything? Physicist Reacts to Scenes From Sci-Fi Movies

    These days, seeing a laser sword in a movie is nothing to write home about. Instead, quantum physics is all the rage in Hollywood. But do the writers actually put any real research into their scripts? Do they know how quantum computing works? What about the Quantum Realm? To find out if sci-fi movies get quantum mechanics correct, we teamed up with a scientist from ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering. Readers beware: mild spoilers ahead!


  • Schrödinger's Croissant: How ITMO Experts Explain Science With Pastry

    ITMO University, along with the Bushe bakery chain, released a collaborative pop-sci project called Schrödinger's Croissant. This is a limited-edition pastry with a secret filling and a QR code to a set of short clips by the university’s scientists that explain the concepts behind multiverse, teleportation, and other mysteries of the quantum world. ITMO.NEWS caught up with the project’s experts for some rapid fire questions about how they pulled it off and challenged them to explain some complex ideas in plain language.


  • Science and Pastry Combined: ITMO and Bushe Bakeries Launch Joint Pop-Sci Project Schrödinger's Croissant

    Starting today, November 10, customers of the Bushe bakery chain can enjoy a Schrödinger-themed croissant with a secret filling created jointly with ITMO University – and then have complex physics explained to them by the university’s top-notch experts.


  • Scientists Predict Two-Photon Analog to Quantum Hall Effect

    The discovery of the quantum Hall effect once got its authors a Nobel prize. Previously, it has only been observed in very complex semiconductor structures with an external magnetic field. ITMO scientists and their colleagues predicted a photonic analog to the quantum Hall effect in a much simpler system – a chain of particles in a waveguide, which opens up new opportunities for creating quantum memory and quantum simulators.


  • ITMO Student Dmitriy Tsarev on Theoretical Physicists, Quantum Physics and Its Similarities With Professional Sports

    ITMO scientists together with their colleagues from Taiwan have published a paper that could serve as a basis for next-gen technologies of ultra precision metrology. These technologies will surpass LIGO detectors, which are capable of detecting gravitational waves. ITMO.NEWS met with Dmitriy Tsarev, a member of the research team, to learn more about their work and future plans.


  • Why is Quantum Physics so Hard to Understand?

    Quantum mechanics is deemed the hardest part of physics. Systems with quantum behavior don’t follow the rules that we are used to, they are hard to see and hard to “feel”, can have controversial features, exist in several different states at the same time - and even change depending on whether they are observed or not. Valerii Kozin, PhD student at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering and researcher at the International Laboratory of Light-Matter Coupling in Nanostructures, talks about the ways of researching such unpredictable phenomena, and why study quantum mechanics in the first place.


  • Quantum Physicist Oleksandr Kyriienko on the Future of Computing and Making a Career in Science

    Oleksandr Kyriienko came to ITMO University as a part of the University’s Fellowship Program. His scientific career has led him through several different fields of physics and to various countries, including Iceland, Singapore and Brazil. ITMO.NEWS asked Oleksandr about the peculiar nature of such life and other important aspects of being a scientist in the 21st century.