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  • ITMO Lands in Top 3 of RAEX National Subject Ranking in IT and Robotics

    ITMO University placed third in the categories Information Technology and Engineering & Robotics of the latest RAEX national ranking by subject. In total, the ranking featured 164 universities from 42 regions of Russia.


  • The Future of Higher Education Conference: ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasilyev on Strong AI and Personalized Learning

    On June 8, Moscow hosted the 10th annual university forum The Future of Higher Education organized by the agency RAEX Analytics. The event was attended by Vladimir Vasilyev, the Rector of ITMO University, who took part in a plenary discussion devoted to the changes in current geopolitical and economiс climate. Dr. Vasilyev stated that artificial intelligence is one of the key potential drivers of reform in education.


  • ITMO Rises in RAEX National Ranking

    The agency RAEX Analytics has published its 11th annual ranking of the best Russian universities. For the fifth time in a row, ITMO University is featured among the top 15 of the ranking, this year being 13th on the list. All in all, the agency evaluated 206 out of 704 universities throughout Russia.


  • RAEX National Ranking: ITMO in Top 15 Russian Universities

    The ranking agency RAEX has published its tenth annual ranking of Russian universities. For the fourth year in a row, ITMO is included in the top 15 of the ranking, this year being 14th on the list. 


  • ITMO Lands in Top 5 of RAEX New Economy Ranking of Universities

    The new ranking’s goal is to evaluate businesses’ level of satisfaction with the training possessed by specialists in high tech fields. An employer survey serves as the core part of the ranking.


  • ITMO University Among Top 15 Russian Universities in RAEX National Ranking

    The ranking agency RAEX has published its ninth annual ranking of Russia’s best universities. Timed to coincide with the start of university admissions, it aims to help prospective students decide on their future place of study. 


  • ITMO in Top Ten of Russia’s Most Influential Universities According to RAEX

    The RAEX agency has, for the first time, ranked Russian universities based on their influence. The list features the higher education institutions that hold the most weight in forming the country’s elite, as well as among the scientific community, youth, and internet audiences. The defining feature of this research is that as per the agency’s working approach, it is based on objective statistics from Russian and international resources. 


  • ITMO Is Placed Third in National IT Ranking

    The ranking agency RAEX has just unveiled its first ever ranking in the field of IT (initiated as part of the federal “Human Resources for Digital Economy” project). ITMO was placed third out of all 50 universities included in the ranking. ITMO University also continues its rise to the top of the agency’s annual ranking of Russian universities, having gone up from 15th place last year to 14th place in 2019. The results of the tenth National University Ranking (NUR 2019) by the international news agency Interfax were also published today. ITMO retained its position in the top-10 Russian universities, ranking ninth in the overall standing.


  • ITMO University Makes It Into Top-10 of RAEX Ranking

    For the first time, ITMO University entered the top-10 of the RAEX Universities Reputation Ranking in the field of “engineering, natural and exact sciences”, having gone up five positions and securing  ninth  place. The ranking is compiled based on the results of a survey; the respondents were asked to assess each university in accordance with three criteria: the quality of education, the demand for a university’s graduates among employers, and the level of research activity.


  • ITMO University Makes It Into Top 20 in Annual Russian Universities Ranking

    The rating agency RAEX has published its seventh annual ranking of Russian universities. In 2017, ITMO University was part of the top-20. This time around, the university has gone up four positions and is now 15th in the general ranking. The ranking agency has also noted that ITMO has the highest growth dynamic among the top 20 universities.