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  • ITMO Accelerator Graduate Gets $10 Million to Prevent Road Accidents

    The St. Petersburg-based project Road Accident Solver, which specializes in the development of road accident analysis and prevention software, has signed a $10 million contract with the Kazakhstan-based company TOO IT Creation. Kazakhstan has one of the world’s highest rates of deaths in traffic incidents, which is why the parties plan to use Road Accident Solver software to reduce the number of accidents and develop smart-city systems.


  • Creators of Road Accident Solver on How Their Project Saves Lives

    Road Accident Solver is a project developed as part of ITMO University’s Future Technologies acceleration program and focuses on automated road accident analysis and automated filling out of European Accident Statement forms. The project also includes a map of road accidents based on user data. Those involved in such incidents can provide information on their cars, the conditions of each accident and its location. Such a system saves time and identifies problematic areas. The system also helps fight insurance fraud. The project’s founder Evgeny Tyulkin spoke to ITMO.NEWS about his team’s work and the goals that motivated them over the past five years of development.