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  • Capturing the Cosmos: Impressions from First BRICS Universe Exhibition in Moscow

    The BRICS Universe project has debuted at the Museum of Cosmonautics at VDNH, Moscow, capturing the imagination of attendees and heralding a new era of collaboration between space exploration and artistic expression. Read on to learn how this exhibition took its viewers on an interstellar odyssey.


  • Roscosmos Opens Admissions for Astronauts

    At the end of spring, the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities launched an open call for astronauts-to-be. As before, the selection is competition-based. The application deadline is June 1, 2020, which goes in line with Roscosmos’ plan to form a new team of astronauts by the end of 2020. Among the most sought-after specialists are physicians, engineers and pilots. What is also remarkable is that the competition commission wants the new team to be more gender-balanced, so women are actively encouraged to apply. The selection process will last for two years and result in 4-6 new astronauts joining the Roscosmos team. Read on to learn more about the competition and application process.


  • Space Tourism: How to Book a Flight to the Orbit

    The concept of space tourism is far from new: as far back as in 1967, only six years after the first human space flight, Barron Hilton and Krafft Ehricke had ruminated on the subject, but their plans did not come to fruition. At last, in the mid-’00s, the first private space explorer had joined the crew of the International Space Station. Today, dozens of private companies operate on the market of space, or more precisely sub-orbital, tourism. We tried to find out what it’s like to go to space as a private citizen and how much it can cost you.


  • ITMO Launches Entertainment Show About Science and Tech

    What would it look like if Seldon the Robot took Alice on a date? What do St. Petersburg residents think about black holes in the Milky Way? And why should you stop referring to the Crazy IT Party meme when talking about scientists and programmers? ITMO University launched a new entertainment show about science and technology. Warning: some scenes may contain elements of populist nature. To learn what the Rector Vladimir Vasilyev would say to Elon Musk if they ever met, watch the pilot episode.


  • Interstellar Performance: ITMO Student Wins Gagarin Scholarship

    41 students from 14 Russian regions participated in the second annual open competition for the Yuri Gagarin scholarship. Tatiana Shemigon, Master’s student at ITMO’s Department of Applied and Computer Optics, was among the three winners of the award this year. She is the first ITMO student to receive this prestigious scholarship.


  • Watching the Skies: Roscosmos Installs a New Set-up for Monitoring Space Debris

    Space debris is a problem that may well hinder humanity's progress and the universe's exploration. The first step to solving it is keeping track of the debris so as to calculate safe trajectories for working satellites and "catching" those that stopped functioning. Roscosmos installed a set-up for monitoring space debris's coordinates in one of Brazil's observatories. For this project, specialists from ITMO's Department of Electrical Engineering and Precision Electromechanical Systems developed high-precision electric drives that rotate the telescope.