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  • The Art of Managing the University of the Future: A Roundtable on Effective University Governance Held in St. Petersburg

    Recently, the European University at St. Petersburg hosted a roundtable on the topic “By whom and how a modern university should be managed: top-down vs shared governance”. In the course of the discussion, experts and representatives of universities weighed up on the questions of which challenges today’s universities are faced with, whether they should change, and which governance model is the most effective.


  • University of the Future: Russian and British University Officials Discuss Trends in Education

    This Thursday, ITMO University hosted a meeting of university officials from the UK and St. Petersburg, a follow-up to the First Forum of Rectors of Russian and British Universities that was held in Moscow. The key event of the day was a round table discussion on universities of the future. The participants talked about the best educational practices and ways to attract talent while discussing possible collaboration in the field of student academic mobility.


  • Why There Are So Many Online Petitions Today – And How to Make Them Work

    ITMO University has recently hosted the international conference Digital Transformation & Global Society (DTGS), which brought together experts in social informatics, e-governance, political communication and new media from the US, the UK and Russia. The main event of DTGS was a plenary session attended by Stephen Coleman, a professor of political communication at the University of Leeds, and the top experts in e-governance from the Higher School of Economics, the St. Petersburg State University and ITMO University. Participants discussed the effect of technology on the active political and social lives of citizens, why online petitions have gained popularity in the recent times, and how these methods can be made more effective.


  • Scientists Form New Road Map for Photonics and Quantum Communications Development

    Participants of the international roundtable discussion, which was held as part of the METANANO-2017 Conference in Vladivostok, discussed the future of research in photonics and quantum communications in Russia and outlined the goals for scientific collaborations with other BRICS countries. Representatives of various scientific organizations discussed the next steps that need to be undertaken by researchers and the Russian Ministry of Education and Science to make Russia a leader in photonic technologies research.


  • The Evolution and Future of Public Lighting

    Three centuries ago, Peter the Great had decreed that St. Petersburg’s streets were to be lit with oil lanterns. Thus, the country’s new capital became the first Russian city to have public lighting. Today, St. Petersburg remains one of the country’s best examples of urban light environment. But each year, new approaches to lighting design, architecture and smart-city engineering appear all over the world. This field itself is becoming a platform not only for lighting designers, architects and artists, but for scientists, researchers and IT specialists as well. Participants of the roundtable discussion “Light in the City: design or programming. New technological developments and tools for modern urban analysis” discussed the future, why modern cities require more than a safe light environment, and how to use new technologies to change the approach to street lighting.