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  • ITMO Students Create Interactive Map Featuring the Legendary Food Supply Route During the Siege of Leningrad

    Nazi forces encircled Leningrad in September 1941, cutting the city off from the outside world. Partisans and Soviet troops nonetheless managed to get some supplies into the besieged city; one such example being a convoy of food gathered by residents of Pskov Oblast. To preserve the memories of those events, ITMO students have built an interactive map of the legendary partisan convoy's route for the Museum of Partisan Glory in Dedovichi (Pskov Oblast).


  • Map of the Siege: A Project Uniting Besieged Leningrad and Contemporary St. Petersburg

    A new project, developed by a team involving ITMO students, delves into the history of Leningrad during its siege in WWII. It’s a digital map of the city with geotags based on diaries kept by locals at that time. Having analyzed over 500 entries, the researchers were able to visualize the life of the city under siege. Using the map, users can look up a particular area of the city or read entries from a specific age group. Learn more about the project and its prospects in this article.


  • Before Passports: Documents of the Past

    In Russia, the civil registration system was created only in 1918. However, there was a need to certify personal identity way before that. How was it done?


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: June 25-26, 2022

    With scorching weather on the horizon, we’ve rounded up a handful of ideas on what to do indoors to stay cool in town this weekend – and just a few more for when the sun goes down.


  • An International Insight Into 17th-Century Russia

    Ever wondered what tourists and expats thought of Russia in the past? Thanks to books, diaries, and travelogues, this is not a mystery. 


  • PETRO pr(i[t]mo): How ITMO’s Center of Social Sciences and Humanities Fosters Love for History

    2021 is the Year of Science and Technology in Russia and the spring of 2022 will mark the 350th anniversary of the birth of the first Russian Emperor and the founder of St. Petersburg – Peter the Great. Inspired by these events, ITMO’s Center of Social Sciences and Humanities has developed an interdisciplinary educational and research project dedicated to the flourishing of science during the reign of Peter the Great. Read on to learn why the project will be interesting for everyone, from programmers to opticians, and how it will help bring various fields closer.


  • Not Only Russian: 5 Most Spoken National Languages in Russia

    From Tatar to Yaghnobi, Russia is home to over 100 unique languages, not to mention various dialects and variants. Even though Russian is recognized as the only official language, the country’s many ethnic groups remain true to the languages of their ancestors even today.


  • Five Ancient Russian Cities with Fascinating Legends

    St. Petersburg might be the biggest city in North-Western Russia, but age-wise it has nothing against the 1000-year old cities in this region, their histories blending folklore and facts. How did some of these ancient places come about? 


  • Historical Flashback: The Story Behind Unity Day in Russia

    A day with a rich history yet Russia’s newest holiday – Unity Day is celebrated annually on November 4 to promote the unity, breadth, and diversity of Russia’s varied cultures. Who are Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky? Why does it always have to do with a revolution? And how does today's Russia stick to the tradition? Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming holiday.


  • Pocket Time Machine: Digital Projects About Russian History

    Were you the first to fall asleep during history class but now can’t help wondering what the past was all about? Thanks to modern technologies, we have a bunch of ways to discover the world – digital, interactive, and exciting. Here’s our selection of historical projects to help you learn more about Russia in retrospect without yawning even once.