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  • The Legendary Scientists of St. Petersburg and Where To Find Them

    When it was founded in 1703, St. Petersburg was envisioned as the scientific capital of Russia. The city certainly lived up to this dream, with some of the brightest minds in history choosing to call this place their home. Why not reach out to scientific geniuses of the past to inspire your studies?


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: Scientist Dmitry Karlovets on Research Programs in Russia and Germany

    After earning his PhD in theoretical physics in 2008, Dmitry Karlovets joined a postdoc program in Germany where he spent another three years. In 2021, the scientist joined ITMO.Family as a research fellow at the School of Physics and Engineering. In this article, Dmitry speaks about why he decided to pursue his academic career in Germany, explains the difference between research programs in Russia and abroad, and shares his academic goals for the future.


  • Chief Editor of Nature Photonics Oliver Graydon on Russian Science, Researcher’s Path and Ways to Start Publishing in World’s Leading Journals

    For over ten years now, Oliver Graydon has been working as the Chief Editor of Nature Photonics, the most prestigious international journal specializing in original research in the field of optics and photonics. The expert has recently visited ITMO University, where he attended the laboratories of the International Research Center of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, learned more about the work done by the university’s young scientists, and participated in a tour of the Museum of Optics. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Oliver Graydon talked about how Russian science has been changing in the recent years and what surprised him most in St. Petersburg, and also gave advice to young researchers wishing to start publishing in major science journals.