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  • SPIEF 2022: First Stage of Housing and Social Infrastructure for Satellite City Yuzhny Unveiled

    The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022 (SPIEF 2022) featured a presentation of the first residential areas and social facilities to appear in the satellite city Yuzhny. The first stage of the construction will cover around 50,000 square meters, 41,800 square meters out of which will be taken up by housing. The first apartments are expected to be completed in 2024.


  • ITMO at SPIEF 2021: Exchanging Experience, New Collaborations and Growing Points

    On June 2-5, St. Petersburg hosted the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), where leading Russian and international experts discussed a wide array of economic topics. Today, we review the key events of the forum marked by ITMO’s participation. 


  • SPIEF 2021: ITMO’s Alexandr Kapitonov on Modern Education and Its Future

    Hypothetical trains, ballistic missiles, and social elevators – these were some of the concepts at play during the panel discussion Live and Learn: Educational Trajectories of Young Professionals and Skills of the Future held as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2021). Among the participants was Alexandr Kapitonov, dean of ITMO University’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. We wrote down the most intriguing snippets, opinions, and learning points of the meeting.


  • SPIEF 2021: ITMO First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova on New Reality and University of the Future

    Today, on June 4, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2021 (SPIEF-2021) featured a discussion on innovative educational technologies in the service of business. During the session, ITMO’s First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova spoke about how the pandemic has accelerated the university’s digital transformation and highlighted the benefits of cooperation between different educational platforms.


  • ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasilyev at SPIEF-2021: Entrepreneurial Education Is All About People

    Today, on June 2, a discussion on the current state and growth trends in Russian entrepreneurial education was held as part of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2021 (SPIEF-2021). During the session, ITMO University Rector Vladimir Vasilyev expressed his opinion on the qualities an entrepreneur must possess and how higher education can help foster them in students.


  • ITMO Highpark Becomes Russia’s First Smart Campus

    The world-class research, education, and innovation center ITMO Highpark will become the first pilot site of the Smart Campus project. The relevant agreement was signed by SberMobile, Orange Business Services, ITMO Highpark JSC, and ITMO University at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2021.


  • Moving Forward: St. Petersburg in 2020

    2019 was an eventful year for ITMO University and St. Petersburg, and 2020 promises to be no different. Here’s our quick rundown of some of the things you might expect in the coming year as a citizen – or guest – of St. Petersburg.


  • SPIEF 2019: Speakers Discuss Achievements and Problems of Russian Education

    At the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF’19), speakers discussed not just economics but also how the agenda of Russian education plays into the country’s general social environment. During one of the discussions, experts in the field of education expanded on such topics as the achievements and problems of the state’s educational system in the past ten years, the advantages and drawbacks of educational selectivity, whether the profession of a teacher is really necessary, and why Soviet-style broad education is no longer efficient. We wrote down the highlights of the discussion.


  • ITMO University Partners Up With Rostelecom to Develop Unique Quantum-Encrypted Data Network

    On the day prefacing the start of this year’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), in an event held at the A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications, Rostelecom unveiled a prototype of Russia’s first quantum-encrypted data transmission network. This data transmission mechanism is considered to be the safest one out there, as the keys protecting the traffic cannot be intercepted or stolen because of the laws of quantum physics. ITMO University is one of the developers and suppliers of state-of-the-art equipment.


  • Michio Kaku on Digital Future: Should We Fear Robots?

    The next wave of scientific and technological progress will be based on molecular biology, biotech, AI and nanotechnology, says Michio Kaku, a physicist, co-founder of string field theory and popularizer of science. In his talk at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Prof. Kaku described a high-tech future complete with digital immortality and perfect capitalism. Do robots know they’re different from humans? What professions will soon be obsolete forever? Will we ever get a chance to chat with Albert Einstein? ITMO.NEWS provides a summary of the scientist’s predictions of the future.