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  • Technology and Policy Student Julia Milton: Science is a Very Good Instrument for Stabilizing the State of International Politics

    Julia Milton is a student of MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics where she works in a lab that develops wearable devices for astronauts as well as exoskeletons, and space suits. Julia was a participant of this year’s Stanford US-Russia Forum: together with Daria Denisova, the deputy head of ITMO’s Science Communication and Outreach Office, the team developed a report and an art project dedicated to the US-Russian space cooperation. Inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope, the massive art piece will consist of numerous hexagonal shapes depicting the milestone events of the two countries’ shared history of space exploration. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, she spoke about their project, the popularization of space in Russia and the USA, and the importance of social initiative.


  • Stanford U.S.-Russia Forum: How Science Communication Helps Bridge Divide Between the Nations

    2019 marks the end of the 10th Stanford US-Russia Forum. SURF, as it is also known, is an exchange program for Russian and American students, postdocs, and researchers from the two nations’ top universities, during which the participants can discuss the key topics of US-Russia relations and suggest ways to improve them. Daria Denisova, the deputy head of ITMO University’s Science Communication Center, spoke with ITMO.NEWS about her experience of working on a space project with an MIT researcher, meeting with NASA staff, exploring historical records in the Hoover Tower, and visiting a historical Russian fortress in Fort Ross, California.


  • SURF Stanford US-Russia Forum: Science Communication and Diplomacy

    The SURF Stanford US-Russia Forum is a year-long program for students and specialists from Russia and the USA who want to study the most relevant issues of today together. Each year, participants of SURF get to work alongside each other on research projects in the fields of politics, science, business, and others, to complete an unusual research/diplomacy program and to present the results of their work at Stanford University. This year, one of the program’s participants was Daria Denisova, the deputy head of ITMO University’s Science Communication Center. She spoke with ITMO.NEWS about taking part in SURF and getting to work with a space scientist from MIT.