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  • PETRO pr(i[t]mo): How ITMO’s Center of Social Sciences and Humanities Fosters Love and Bent for History

    2021 is the Year of Science and Technology in Russia and the spring of 2022 will mark the 350th anniversary of the birth of the first Russian Emperor and the founder of St. Petersburg – Peter the Great. Inspired by these events, ITMO’s Center of Social Sciences and Humanities has developed an interdisciplinary educational and research project dedicated to the flourishing of science during the reign of Peter the Great. Read on to learn why the project will be interesting for everyone, from programmers to opticians, and how it will help bring various fields closer.


  • Student Spotlight: Kota Ishihara, Japan

    Japan is renowned worldwide for its culture that combines both tradition and modernity. To learn more about this beautiful country, we chatted with Kota Ishihara, a Japanese exchange student at ITMO. We dove into all things Japan, from food to futuristic trains! We also talked about his experiences and ambitions.


  • Living in St. Petersburg: Architectural Layers

    St. Petersburg is a city of incredible beauty and architecture. From the stunning Catherine Palace in the southern suburb of Pushkin to the Winter Palace right in the center of the city, St. Petersburg is a blend of Baroque, Classicism, Eclecticism, and Art Nouveau. But while the city center denounces high-rise buildings, the outskirts tell a different story. In a city of over 5 million residents, where does everyone live and what can you find if you venture out beyond the historical districts? Each layer of the city was built during a different era and reflects the history and attitudes of that time. Check it out. 


  • Like a Local: Where to Get the Best Tote Bags in the City

    Tote bags have seemingly become a true fashion statement of young people in St. Petersburg. Everywhere you go, you are likely to spot someone wearing a new original design to channel their love for books and coffee or promote an important cause. So where do people get these trendy items? Fret not, here’s our list of the top places to get your keys to the hearts of all St. Pete’s millennials.


  • Student Spotlight: Chien Bui, Vietnam

    How does an international student feel about Russia after almost four years here? To find out, we got in touch with Chien Bui from Vietnam, a fourth-year Bachelor’s student in Information Technology and Programming at ITMO University and a front-end UI/UX developer. We talked to her about her experiences, memories, and future plans.


  • Student Spotlight: Collins Chimezie, Nigeria

    Meet Collins Chimezie, our international student from Nigeria, who got into ITMO with a scholarship to study molecular biology and biotechnology. He is planning to use the knowledge he gets to develop new treatments and therapeutic agents. Read on to learn what inspired him to apply to ITMO, what his dream project would be, and what he plans to do over his two years in St. Pete. 


  • Student Spotlight: Caroline Bondu, France

    A food technology enthusiast from Nancy (France), Caroline Bondu is an Erasmus exchange student at ITMO University. Her dream is to familiarize people with the principles of proper nutrition and the benefits of maintaining a proper diet. Here's a recap of our tête-à-tête about her experiences as an international student in St. Petersburg.


  • Student Spotlight: Le Trong-Minh and Võ Minh Thien Long, Vietnam

    There are currently over 150 international students from Vietnam studying at ITMO. Meet Le Trong-Minh and Võ Minh Thien Long, two Vietnamese international students, and get a glimpse of their country and their culture.


  • Key Approaches & Tools: Experts on Improving the Quality of Urban Life

    Start Development and ITMO Highpark have summarized the results of the latest research on urban development, which focused on the key elements necessary for the creation of a comfortable environment in cities. The survey participants believe that municipalities and businesses should contribute to the region's sustainability alongside city authorities.


  • Student Spotlight: Rutendo Paul Midzi, Zimbabwe

    Paul has come a long way from getting phished to becoming an Information Security student. Nowadays, it is very common to get scammed by fraudsters online. But with proper awareness and education, these traps are easily avoided. We met together with Paul at one of ITMO’s coworking spaces and dove into topics like data privacy, ethical hacking, the dark web, and phishing. Read on to discover the highlights of our conversation.