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  • How to Be Confident: ITMO Lecturer Shares Her Tips

    We have all been there: sometimes, self-confidence can be difficult to find and foster. However, it is no impossible feat and by incorporating simple habits and practices, you can nurture your confidence step by step. That’s what we talk about in this article with Alena Bondar, who teaches the Communication and Team Building soft skills course at ITMO. Let’s dive in.


  • Best Activities to Kickstart Your Brain After Holidays

    We’ve all been there: the holidays are over and your responsibilities are calling, but your mind is still chock-full with garlands, candy, and wrapping paper. Diving into work (or studies) head-first isn’t gonna cut it – you’ll need to pick up some steam first. So, here are some of our best ideas for how to get back into gear with these fun-yet-healthy distractions.


  • Quick Fix: Games for Productive Procrastination

    Is your attention span causing you trouble? Do you find yourself sneaking off for a round of Candy Crush when you’re supposed to be meeting deadlines? Procrastination can be a handful – and any effort to improve your concentration skills is certainly admirable. But avoiding it altogether is near-impossible; so, why not turn it to your advantage? With these games, you can slack off without feeling guilty: boost your cognitive skills, learn a language, discover new trivia, and become a touch-typing pro!


  • This Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: Unleash Your Creativity with Journaling

    If you think you’ve done it all in lockdown – all movies are seen, games are played, and your place is squeaky clean, then maybe it’s time to tend to your creative spirit? Here’s how to do it with six fun journaling techniques. 


  • The New Things We’re Trying This Spring

    Spring is near-synonymous with change, and what change could be more important than that which we make ourselves? We enter this bright new season wisened (one would hope) by a most perilous, unusual, and enlightening year. Here’re all the new things we’ll be trying out in the coming weeks:


  • Winter Break at Home: Staying Fit, Sane, and Entertained

    With self-isolation strongly encouraged, it falls on all of us to remain responsible and stay at home. But how do you stay fit, active, and in good spirits when spending the winter break indoors? We’ve prepared a round-up of all the great tips on weathering self-isolation, self-care, and keeping yourself entertained at home.


  • Friday Experiment: Attempting to Write Every Day

    Whenever life tries to get the better of me, I always find myself either with a pen and a random notebook, the first I could lay my hands on, or, lately, in front of a white blank Word page. So, when November presented me with plenty of homework, a Master’s thesis experiment, and a dozen other projects, I knew what was coming – and tried to make good use of it.


  • Building Resilience and Coping With Stress

    With the ongoing pandemic and increasing distance learning fatigue, this year has demonstrated (and still does) that stress and setbacks are unavoidable. While a bit of stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing, being constantly on high alert can affect both your physical and mental well-being. That’s why we must understand stress and know the ways to manage it in order to lead a happy and healthy life.


  • ITMO Graduate Stanislav Krasnoyarov’s Journey From a Full-Time Employee to His Own Business

    After studying at ITMO University in the early 2000s, Stanislav Krasnoyarov worked his way up from a full-time IT specialist to the founder of his own business. ITMO.NEWS talked to him about entrepreneurship as a never-ending series of challenges and the best way to improve yourself.