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  • ITMO OPEN TALK: How Russian Companies Help Young Startups

    What kind of innovations do major companies need? Which business spheres are the most relevant? Representatives of Russian major enterprises and foundations, among which are Kaspersky Lab, MegaFon, Gazprom Neft, Skolkovo Foundation, and Yandex.Cloud, gathered at ITMO OPEN TALK to answer these questions and discuss what young entrepreneurs should do to succeed and which accelerator programs they should try.


  • ITMO University Partners with Art&Science Day Skolkovo

    Right now, the Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow is hosting Startup Village Skolkovo-2019. ITMO University’s Art&Science Center has become a partner of this year’s event, which unites science, technologies and art on one unique platform. Leading scientists, representatives of the creative industry and authors of projects at the intersection of science and art will meet at the Skolkovo venue to discuss the central topic “Art&Science – the territory of foresight”. Key speakers include ITMO University professor Ekaterina Skorb, head of ITMO University’s Art&Science program and head of the Contemporary Art Department at the State Hermitage Museum Dmitry Ozerkov, and organizers of Russia’s largest street art festival Stenograffia.


  • Self-Driving Cars and Rovers: ITMO Students’ Projects at Skolkovo and Innopolis

    In April 2019, several second-year students of ITMO University’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics went to Innopolis to participate in the International Spring School on Self-Driving Vehicles. Their educational feats continued at Skolkovo, where they partook in the onsite round of the NTI Competition in the track “Aerospace systems”, taking third place as a result. Read on to learn about the students’ projects.


  • The Alchemy of Silk: Bioart Pioneer Joe Davis’s Workshop by The Polytechnic Museum and SkBioLab

    What is BioArt? Which kinds of projects does it include? And how can their results be applied in research? These and other topics were discussed at a workshop by Joe Davis, a legendary artist, pioneer of BioArt and staff member of MIT, Harvard Medical School and the University of Kentucky. Two students from ITMO University participated in the event organized by the Polytechnic Museum and SkBioLab with support from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. ITMO.NEWS talked to the students about working with transgenic silk and applying biology in the field of Art&Science.


  • Open Innovations 2018: Higher Education in the Digital Age

    What makes a good education system in the digital era? What training methods are the most effective? And what kinds of challenges do modern technical universities face? These and other questions are being discussed at the annual Open Innovations Forum which is currently taking place at the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Among this year’s participants is ITMO University Rector Vladimir Vasilyev, who shared his view of the role universities play in the modern world and the problems they encounter.


  • Student Wins Lab Design Competition

    ITMO University student Veronika Nikitina became one of the winners of a laboratory design competition which took place at ITMO University as part of an International Laboratory Design Conference. She presented her project at the Skolkovo Innovation Center.


  • Artur Khanov: I Can’t Even Imagine A Profession That Gives You This Much Freedom

    On Tuesday, November 7, the registration period for the National student competition “I’m a Professional” begins.This is the first event of such kind in Russia that’s been organized jointly by representatives of business, industry, and universities. The competition is conducted in 27 categories, three of which - computer and information sciences, informational cybersecurity and photonics - are supervised by ITMO University. The winners have the opportunity to enroll in Master’s and PhD programs of Russian universities on a tuition-free basis. We’ve decided to ask some of the recurring winners of professional competitions about creating one’s unique educational path and the opportunities that are not to be missed during one’s university years. Today, we publish Artur Khanov’s story - he is one of the first participants of the CTF movement in Russia, a CEO and Skolkovo resident since his PhD years who’s now successfully combining teaching and working on his personal projects.


  • ITMO's MT.Lab Develops A New Kit for Studying Robotics

    Specialists from ITMO University's MT.Lab created a new educational kit for studying robotics - the MT.Evolute. The system is compatible with most popular robotics instruments and allows school and university students to construct their devices as fast as possible without getting lost in the many different standards. The project's author, ITMO's Master's student Alexey Meshkov, presented it at the Skolkovo Robotics exhibition. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, he and Dmitry Kupriyanov, MT.Lab's founder and PhD student at ITMO’s Department of Mechatronics , shared about their invention.


  • Innovation Valley: A New Startup Hub in Sochi

    Currently, Russia has two innovation hubs: Skolkovo and Innoppolis. Soon, there will be a third — one focused on startups. The Sochi Innovation Valley is going to differ from its' peers: it will be based on the existing Olympic infrastructure, and will not be funded by the government. The new Center will collaborate with ITMO University in the field of business development, as its' experts will supervise the business activities of the Valley.