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  • An Overview of the Most Interesting Museums in St. Petersburg

    When hearing the word "St. Petersburg" a lot of associations come to mind. Firstly, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Secondly, it is a historically and culturally significant place. A lot of museums, galleries, remarkable landscapes, rare collections and other tourist attractions famed all over the world are located there. It is common knowledge that, for many visitors, it can be a real problem to decide what places to visit, because everything seems interesting and obligatory for seeing.


  • Moscow vs. St. Petersburg: Which Russian Capital is Better?

    While every country in the world has one capital, Russia has two. Moscow is the official capital, whereas St. Petersburg used to be a capital before and is now frequently called the "Northern capital of Russia". People from these cities always argue which of them is better, and never come to a conclusion. For citizens of other Russian cities, who are planning to move, it is even harder to decide where they want to live. This article focuses on the differences between Moscow and St. Petersburg and explores what life in these two cities is like.


  • St. Petersburg Russia: A Stunning Global Paradise

    While it is a lowly-hyped global destination, St. Petersburg remains a stunning tourist hub! Not only is the city endowed with a broad array of unique attraction sites, but also with a diverse cultural center and home to the world's renowned artefacts. St. Petersburg welcomes you to a beautiful, well-planned, and clean environment, coupled with multiple stunning sceneries. The second-largest city in Russia, and arguably the most beautiful destination in the country is strategically located at the mouth of the Neva River, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. It spans across the Northwest Federal District, in the Leningrad region of the Russian Federation. Its federal importance to Russia cannot go unnoticed, ranging from being an administrative center to the best tourist attraction destination in the country.


  • Exploring Kanonerskiy Island

    If you’re a fan of sheds, empty buildings, and bricks, Kanonerskiy Island is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.


  • 4 Must-Visit Hidden Spots in St. Petersburg

    Classical St. Petersburg is known to all for its magnificent palaces and canals, parks and cozy squares. Everyone wants to see the majestic cathedrals and fascinating drawbridges. However, there is also another St. Petersburg that the residents of this beautiful city know about. Today, I am going to share several interesting places with you.


  • Curious Things You Might Not Know About St. Petersburg

    The streets we walk every day are filled with history; we all know this, but begin to ignore it as we slowly get used to our home. When we hear the word "history", our imagination runs away to la-la land and skips the class. Rather than general boring history, I am curious about those "wow elements" around us and ask myself if they are true or simple rumors. In this blog entry, I would like to share some curious facts you might not know — or get wrong — about our historic and awesome city.