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  • Student Functional Athletics League To Appear in Russia

    At the ninth forum on topical issues in student sports, held on December 1-2, Sergey Seyranov, the President of the Russian Student Sports Union, and Alexey Barymov, the president of the Functional Athletics Federation, signed an agreement establishing a Student Functional Athletics League and thus introducing this sport into the curriculum of Russian universities.


  • Russia To Introduce a Register of Student Sports Clubs

    A unified state register of student sports clubs will appear in Russia, following the agreement signed by Evgenii Raskin, ITMO’s Vice Rector for Youth Policy, Sergey Seyranov, the President of the Russian Student Sports Union, and Evgenia Bychkova, the Executive Director of the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia, at the ninth national forum on topical issues concerning student sports.


  • ITMO University Joins the FISU Healthy Campus Program

    The university has recently received the healthy campus certificate from the International University Sports Federation (FISU). This initiative aims to promote a healthy and green lifestyle, as well as physical activity, sustainable development, and gender equality in universities across the world. Program representatives commended the university's achievements in sports and ecology, as well as its Well-Being strategic project, which will all be soon featured in the FISU Healthy Campus’s best practices collection and thus provide guidance for other universities worldwide.


  • KronBars Named Best Russian Student Sports Club for the Fourth Year in a Row

    The competition is held annually by the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia (ASSC) with the support of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, as well as the Ministry of Sports.


  • Yagodnoe: More Than a Summer Camp

    In case you didn’t know, ITMO University has its own outdoor sports and leisure camp – Yagodnoe. Situated by the beautiful Lake Berestovoye and just an hour’s ride from St. Petersburg, it allows students, staff and alumni to relax, play sports, and enjoy the region’s beautiful nature while building shared experiences.


  • KronBars: Leading the Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

    Life as a student can sometimes be quite stressful: spending your busy days in classrooms, labs and in search for internships takes its toll. But if you are a student or staff member at ITMO University, then you have a great opportunity to become a member of the Kronbars Sport Club, giving you access to over 50 sports to get your heartrate up and brighten your mood. We sat down with the club’s head Evgenii Raskin for details. 


  • ITMO’s KronBars Tops List of Russia’s Best Student Sports Clubs

    Last week, the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia (ASSC) celebrated its fifth anniversary and organized the National Forum of Student Sports Clubs, which took place in St. Petersburg and brought together 1,000 participants from 73 regions of Russia (250 universities). During the course of a week, they discussed ASSC’s development strategies and the future of student sports in Russia and chose the best student sports club. ITMO University’s club KronBars topped the ranking.