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  • Highlights From ITMO Supervisory Council’s Session

    Who is the driving force behind university development? How can schools and businesses interact more efficiently and boost their mutual engagement? Do universities need joint product partnerships? And what is in the future for ITMO University? These and many other questions were the subjects of discussion at the recent session of ITMO’s Supervisory Council, which took place in ITMO Highpark on August 29.


  • Tinder for Scientists, New Business Collab Models: Report From ITMO Supervisory Council’s First Session of 2023

    Can a university be business partners with a major corporation on equal terms? And how should it collaborate with the industry in order to not just conduct projects, but also create products that elicit a response from consumers? What will ITMO look like in 2030? These were the subjects of discussion at this year’s first session of the university’s Supervisory Council. Keep reading for details.


  • ITMO Updates Its Supervisory Council

    Among the new members of the council are Alexander Krainov, director for development of artificial intelligence technologies at Yandex; Maksim Spiridonov, founder of Netology; Anton Elistratov, CEO of Samolet Group; Olga Filatova, an independent member of the board of directors at HeadHunter; and Oleg Churilov, a representative of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


  • ITMO Supervisory Council Discusses Development of ITMO Highpark

    The year’s last meeting of ITMO’s Supervisory Council took place on December 13 at the Moscow offices of Yandex. The council’s members discussed the construction and development of ITMO Highpark.


  • RUSNANO Chairman Sergey Kulikov Heads ITMO’s Supervisory Council

    The new line-up of the council also includes Alexander Galitsky, an international tech entrepreneur, Andrey Styskin, CEO of Yandex Technologies, Yelena Isinbayeva, a two-time Olympic champion, and other high-profile representatives of the industry and government. The first session of the new council was dedicated to a general discussion of the university’s development strategy until 2030.


  • ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasilyev Appointed to Russian Science Foundation’s Supervisory Council

    On December 13, 2018, the Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree confirming the new line-up of the Russian Science Foundation’s Supervisory Council. Among the Council’s 15 members is Vladimir Vasilyev, the Rector of ITMO University.