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  • Russian and Swedish Scientists Work Together on New Biomedical Product

    ITMO University scientists in collaboration with their colleagues from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU University), Uppsala, Sweden, have developed biocomposites made of proteins based on natural spider silk and optically active nanoparticles. What is remarkable about the new material is that it combines the properties of natural silk fiber and synthetic particles. The biocomposite has unique mechanical characteristics and can give a detectable optical response when exposed to infrared radiation, which makes it a potential candidate for biomedical applications. This article was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.


  • How an ITMO Student Helped Develop 5G Networks in EU

    Anton Gusarov, a PhD student at the High-Performance Computing Department, spent nearly three weeks working on the European Union’s project SILIKA as a visiting researcher at the Chalmers University of Technology. The project aims to establish a technological foundation for next-gen 5G mobile networks. Funded by the EC Horizon 2020 program, it involves scientists from Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium, as well as representatives of major companies.


  • ITMO Student on Building Robots, Dancing with Nobel Winners and Being on Chinese TV

    This year, Valery Chernov enrolled at ITMO’s Department of Computer Science and Control Systems in an experimental program with unique educational tracks. This December, he was the only Russian representative at the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS), which coincides with the Nobel Prize festivities and is held annually since 1976. During the event, participants presented their research, attended lectures by Nobel Prize laureates, discussed the relevant issues and even danced with some of the world’s brightest minds.


  • RACIRI-2017 Summer School in Sweden

    The RACIRI-2017 Summer School took place in Ronneby, Sweden this year from 19 to 26 August. The topic of the school was “Best X-Ray and Neutron Sources in the World”. ITMO University was represented on the international science scene by Nikita Prasolov, a PhD student from the Department of Modern Functional Materials. Read our article to learn about our young scientist’s research, and what happened at this years RACIRI school.