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  • Taiwan, an El Dorado for Startups? VISmart Company Says Yes

    Anton Kulikov, ITMO University graduate and staff member of ITMO’s Technopark resident company VISmart, has just recently returned from Taiwan. There, he took part in the Asia-Pacific Youth Forum on Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Only three participants from Russia were granted such an opportunity by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, and ITMO University’s Center for Asian Cooperation helped them make this trip a reality. VISmart company representatives met with ITMO.NEWS to talk about how the project has changed over the years, what was their forum experience like, and which emerging fields the startup plans to conquer next. 


  • Scientists Develop New Analysis Method of Non-Linear Optical Properties

    Scientists from ITMO University in collaboration with their colleagues from National Taiwan Normal University have developed a high-sensitivity method of studying the non-linear optical properties of substances. Unlike other research in this area, this project uses a collimated (unfocused) laser beam, which allowed the researchers to decrease the power density applied to a sample, though at the price of loss of useful signal. Using a special procedure for recording holograms and processing images, as well as using a special computational modeling algorithm, they have been able to measure the properties of optically non-linear media despite a weak signal. The project opens up new possibilities for diagnostics of non-linear properties. Results of the research were published in Optics Letters.


  • Tsinghua University: Cooperation Opportunities with ITMO

    Representatives of Tsinghua University have recently visited ITMO University. They discussed collaboration opportunities in the field of academic exchange with scientists from the International Institute “Photonics and Optical Information Technology” and other research centers. An agreement on cooperation has already been signed between the two universities. The professors from Taiwan university also shared their ideas in the field of photonics, big data analysis, AI development and electronic engineering. They have also talked about some aspects of teaching in Taiwan.