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  • Jack and Jill: Researchers Develop Novel Test to Efficiently Measure Human Cognitive Abilities

    An international team of researchers, including Maxim Likhanov, a laureate of the ITMO Fellowship and Professorship program, has created a new visual test called The Jack & Jill Working Memory Task. The new testing system has already been employed to investigate the relationships between working memory and musical abilities, academic performance and behavioral problems. What are the other benefits of the new test and how can it be used? Read on to find out.


  • Hack the Sea: Results of First Hackathon by ITMO University and Wärtsilä Digital Technologies

    The two-day Hack the Sea hackathon has recently been held at ITMO University. This is the first hackathon organized by ITMO together with the Finnish company Wärtsilä Digital Technologies, which manufactures navigation equipment for large watercraft. Over 20 students, most of them representing ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, had to develop an app for facilitating the navigation around the Finnish company’s headquarters. More on the hackathon’s results in this article.