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  • More than ESP: International Experts on How to Teach English Effectively in Higher Education

    Last week, the “More than ESP” international conference was held at ITMO University bringing together English language teaching specialists from around the world. An ITMO.NEWS correspondent attended the conference and got the chance to talk to experts from different countries about their views on current trends in education, the role of technology in education and the way teaching English could change in the 21st century.  


  • Develop a Course in General Physics and Join ITMO Team

    ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering invites lecturers to take part in a competition on the development of general physics courses for the university’s Bachelor’s students. The winners will receive a prize of 100,000 rubles, as well as the opportunity to join ITMO University as lecturers. Read on to learn about how to participate and win.


  • 10 ITMO University Lecturers Will Intern at University of York in 2019

    Ten ITMO University lecturers will go to University of York in 2019 to participate in an international professional development program, aimed at helping them improve their educational programs and familiarize themselves with the UK’s educational system.


  • ITMO University Lecturers on Benefits of Using Online Courses in Teaching

    Today’s educators are becoming more and more active in integrating online learning in the traditional educational process. Many of ITMO University’s lecturers are also authors of online courses on the Open Education learning platform and use them in their everyday teaching as a replacement to some in-class lectures or an expansion of the offline learning content. ITMO.NEWS met the innovators to talk about why online courses shouldn’t be seen as a threat to conventional education, how this learning format could change the teacher-student interaction, and what makes it so convenient.


  • Andrei Maiboroda, Writer and Entrepreneur: If You Work a Lot, You Are Destined to Succeed

    In the modern world, more and more people start thinking about their destiny and want to focus on something that makes them happy. One of the ways of doing that is to open one's own business. Andrei Maiboroda, a business coach, the owner of the Green Business company and a lecturer at ITMO's Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, dedicated a book to this topic. ITMO.NEWS spoke to him to learn about the qualities one needs to be successful in business.


  • Six ITMO University Lecturers Awarded Prize by Government of St. Petersburg

    Last week, the St. Petersburg Committee on Science and Higher Education unveiled the results of a competition for the Government of St. Petersburg’s prizes in the field of science education. Its aim is to boost the youth’s involvement and support the training of young specialists in science and technologies. Several ITMO University staff were recognized for their innovative academic works. ITMO.NEWS met the winners to discuss their achievements and plans for their prizes. 


  • ITMO.EXPERT: Results and Plans for the Future

    The results of a series of workshops for teachers, organized as part of the ITMO.EXPERT project, have been summed up. The project aimed at helping teachers use digital technology in their work and make the educational process more effective.


  • EMI Professional Development Course Launched at ITMO

    For a few years now, the Foreign Language Training Center at ITMO has been offering free English language courses for all staff. Last September, a special course was launched for lecturers of all subjects who are currently teaching or plan to teach in English, to learn more about how to use English as a medium of instruction (EMI). 


  • What is EMI? Tips and Tools

    These days many educational programs in universities are offered in English and ITMO University is no exception to this trend. The university’s Foreign Language Training Center has organized a series of workshops on English Medium Instruction (EMI). On June 21, the Center’s tutors Maryam Reyhani and Aleksandra Shparberg spoke about EMI, what makes it different from teaching students in their first language (L1) and how one should teach students whose mother tongue is not English.


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