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  • QA Engineers: What They Do and How to Become One

    Integrated software and hardware systems are used for many purposes, including to store databases for banks and hospitals, automate and monitor production, and manage outdoor lighting. To function swiftly and reliably, these systems are maintained by specialists, among whom are quality assurance (QA) engineers. We talked to Maksim Terichev, a software testing engineer at YADRO, to learn more about this job and the skills required to perform it.


  • New Diagnostic System for Helicobacter pylori Detection Suggested at ITMO

    Scientists from the Research Laboratory for Spectroscopy of Biological Objects have come up with a new diagnostics system that detects Helicobacter pylori bacteria with a 98% accuracy level. The new device is easier to use and relies on Russian-produced components. How does it work? Learn from this article.


  • Reusable Sensor for Early Detection of Kidney Stones Developed at ITMO

    Researchers from ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center have created a biosensor that can quickly detect micromolar concentrations of uric acid, thus helping diagnose and treat urolithiasis (or kidney stones) at early stages. The results of the study were featured in Polymers.


  • New Plant-Based Drug Testing System to Help Cut Down on Animal Testing

    In the fall of 2019, Aleksandra Predeina, then a first-year Master’s student at ITMO came to Vladimir Vinogradov, head of ITMO’s SCAMT Institute and expressed a desire to make an art & science research project. Two and a half years later, this collaboration has resulted in a unique testing system for nanopharmaceuticals that will make it possible to significantly cut down on animal testing. Read on to learn all about the scientific breakthrough born from a passion for art.