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  • ITMO Scientists and Mariinskaya Hospital Specialists Are Developing a New Thrombolytic Drug

    ITMO University’s international research center SCAMT, together with specialists from the Mariinskaya Hospital, continues to work on a new thrombolytic drug. Based on the results of preliminary tests, magnetically controlled particles can break down blood clots significantly more effectively than the drugs currently used. In 2018, the treatment underwent preclinical tests. ITMO.NEWS met SCAMT head Vladimir Vinogradov and Ivan Dudanov, head of the Regional Vascular Center, operating surgeon at the Mariinskaya Hospital and professor, to learn about the tests that await the new drug, what’s needed to be done to introduce it to the market and when this could happen.


  • New Magnetically Controlled Thrombolytic Successfully Passed Preclinical Testing

    New anti-thrombosis drug based on magnetite nanoparticles and developed at ITMO University has been successfully tested on animals. Preclinical studies conducted as part of the project "PHARMA 2020" showed the drug’s high efficacy and no side effects, with the clot dissolution rate being twenty times shorter than that of traditional medications. The range of permissible concentrations is very high, and the minimum dose of the active substance required to achieve the desired effect was a hundred times smaller than usual. The results are published in Applied Materials and Interfaces.


  • Scientists Create New Magnetic Nanosphere For Efficient Drug Delivery

    Researchers from ITMO University created a new kind of magnetic nanospheres for drug delivery. Due to the unique combination of synthesis methods, the size of these magnetite-based nanospheres can be easily regulated. At the same time, the nanospheres are not damaging to cells. The scientists proved the new material’s effectiveness in a range of experiments on dissolving model plasma clots. The results were published in Applied Materials & Interfaces.


  • ITMO’s Magnetically Controlled Thrombolytic Received a Grant for Non-clinical Studies

    A new magnetically controlled thrombolytic developed at ITMO University received governmental support. International Laboratory "Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies" has won a grant for conducting non-clinical studies of the medical product. Having joined the Federal Target Program "Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry" the project received 33 million rubles for the research.